Kingdom of Villfarelse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about a real love written in an analogy of a young man in a mythological past.


In the kingdom of Villfarelse lived a young man, his lands were opaque and sterile with a promise that in the distant future, endless fruits would flourish from them. One regular day upon picking up the daily newspaper he saw the picture of a young woman whose face was made of godly factions and the body of an entity that reflected her beauty upon every inch of his eyes, no words could express his immediate feelings towards her dazzling eyes bewitching the caverns in his twisted mind, he decided to contact this young erotic lady through any means necessary. And so he did...

After several months of exchanging endless words of passion and what appeared to be true love he received a mysterious letter from a young man claiming the young woman as his wife, after this event the young man received another letter from his delusional love in which she said that her love towards him was as inexistent as a dragon attacking the village and so the dreams and hopes of the young man flew away and with them his lands started to grow increasingly sterile and dead.

A year passed after this tragic event in his life and he began chasing the dragon incessantly as this fantastical view of illusion helped this young man cope with the fact that his heart and soul were in peril until the day arrived in which the young woman addressed him with a letter asking to be reunited, at least in words and so it began again, the love grew and with it his delusion and his mind starting to blaze away with it, in a matter of months he reached rock bottom.

The letters came every day and every night until one day they stopped arriving and the obsession of love and betrayal grew stronger and he could not sleep, every single moment of his life was a living hell, the obsessions were eating through his mind and slowly through his flesh and bone, he was becoming what he feared most but what unconsciously he desired, he was loosing his mind bit by bit, he even contemplated suicide but he feared the pain it would have brought upon his tortured family.

After several weeks of extreme pain and nigh complete isolation he received help, some herbs the town elder had made for him which helped him but he felt weak and unable to continue, though the obsessions were gone, his love was not there and he eagerly waited for the moment in which she would help him on his journey in the pitch black cave he was trapped in, as he thought that this woman was his one and only salvation, he waited for weeks until realizing his one true fear.

This girl, a product of his mind, existed physically but not in his world, she lived far away and when he realized she contacted him to ease her pain caused by the loss of her past love, she did not love him, she was toying with him, with his emotions and with his mental stability, well that is what he thought and his letters were not answered and so this doubt became a hole in his mind that kept him awake day and night reflecting upon his possible doom, he fought but ultimately he knew this fight would be his last.

By this time he knew that his mind was not sane and so he decided to ignore his thoughts and impulses for they could harm him and ultimately cause him death, the one thing he was certain about was his love and that he would fight until death for the love of this young woman even if it were unrequited, he assured himself that if he could not consummate his love with the young protagonist of his nightmares and dreams he would certainly end his life, he made a promise, and he intended on keeping it to his last breath, he would fight his inner demons to the death, as he knew he had found true love in the coal heart of the young girl, he promised to himself he would turn it into a precious diamond with time...

He traveled through prosperous and god forsaken terrains to achieve his goal, he fell through many holes, deep as his pain and climbed through. He did not know his torturous future but he fought with sword in heart with the lands and the young girl herself only to tell her: ''I love you, you are the light of my eyes, the torturous lands will not forsake my soul, you are my future and I cannot offer much but what I can is a true heart full of passion and faith for I am yours until death arrives knocking at my door, answer my prayers, as I have given you everything and will give you what I do not posses, I will not surrender to my inner demons and the voices deep inside, as i have harmed you as you have harmed me and now with a last breath i hope this words penetrate your armor and you may finally let them into your rough heart".

He had waited for endless nights and with his last words of hope he addressed the young woman only to wait for her answer, would her words towards him end his tumultuous pain with a final slash of anger or would she requite his love and give him her heart for him to turn into diamond and together climb the walls of Verkligheten, where his lands would finally flourish with the eternal fruits of allegiance?.  

Submitted: April 16, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Inre Demoner. All rights reserved.

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Lucy Lucy

Well, to be very frank, I am amazed by how you have worded it,but I am confused with the story line. To me, it just seems like no of imaginary breakups and finally he does not get anything. Whether the girl actually existed?

Tue, April 17th, 2012 7:55pm


It is a sort of analogy, it is a real story which i am actually going through and passed through, and i wrote it to my girl waiting for her response, and i wrote it in that way because it is sort of a fantastical relationship, because she lives far away, in Sweden and i have gone through a lot to keep it up but she keeps distant towards me at times and it hurts me but i promised her to love her forever and i will keep that promise, its strange because i got lost and now im trying to find a way out of this whole mental illness situation and she hurts me.
thanks for reading and giving your opinion :)

Tue, April 17th, 2012 1:19pm

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