Aliens People or Green Men?

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I feel asleep on my computer and had the weirdest dream ever revolving around this poem. I was wondering if anyone could make sense of it because I certainly can't.

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



Aliens are around us,
Coming all the time,
Stepping over the line,
Who ever said aliens where lies,
Must be blind,
To the events happening before their eyes.

They walk our streets.
They comb our beach,
They are every where you see,
Looking just like you or me.

They discovered what we lack,
The ability to get unlimited slack,
Anything they please with a snap of the fingers,
Simple cough or sneeze brings in six figures.

How do I know so much,
I conversed with one during lunch,
They where really a friendly bunch.

Who would have guessed where their luck lies,
In a green card we all despise.
But they are here apon invitation,
Numbers growing across the nation.

Are they the green skinned men,
Or something more my friend?
Did they come to help or cause the end,
How could we let our policies bend.
To honor the illegal,
With free money, like bagels.

Its up to you to decide,
But me, please don’t despise.
I didn’t create the lies……  

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