A mother will protect her child from anything...

Whispers chanting in the wind blowing over the shaken trees,
A tiny child whimpers quietly, muffled preying on their knees.
Danger lies around the corner waiting for the rightful time,
To lunge out and grab that dear child of mine.

But here I stand firmly put at the end of the child’s bed,
Forever here shall I stand while sweet dreams fill his head.
I see your shadow on the floor leeching around every bend,
But this time you while have to endure until the bitter end.

Clock tolls midnight and still we’re here battling until wits fray,
Eye roaming each others souls looking for a gaze to stray.
Though through night we stand eye one another, waiting but no prevail.
The child stirs and coughs all night, though temperatures due sail.

Heart beat erratic and worry still looms over my dear child’s soul,
But mornings soon and I will not let you complete your lethal goal.
Weary hands can wait, for greed is a sin,
This time death will not win.

Submitted: May 10, 2010

© Copyright 2023 insane1. All rights reserved.

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