Keely And A Cucmber Peeler

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
I had this dream so I decided to write it down. Characters:
Becca is Buckah on this site, and Keely is also a good friend, but isn't on this site.

Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



I awoken from my slumber with the most bizarre dream finishing its course in the deep depths of my mind. Everything seemed so real, vivid as though I was there, but surely I wasn’t or was ?

******Before the Dream******

I lay down letting sleep manipulate my eyelids and slowly latch them shut. I see nothing at first then colors slowly yet surely sneak in and make a kaleidoscope effect.  All sorts of colors going this way and that, with no logical reason. They just kept on changing from vibrant red fading to orange, followed by lime green and bright blues. Falling into a synced pattern looking quite nicely.

As the colors change so don’t various thoughts; like a big examine tomorrow, and of course the start of computer class with the sociopath teacher. Everything negative all bundled up into a ball of vibrant red. The blue bundle housed everything I had accomplished and read shortly before I went to sleep. Either way they where better then seeing nothing.

As I have grown fond of my colors they start to change into shapes resembling trees. The sharp outline of the branches balanced by the slight covers of the leaves. Picture fading from hazy to clear, in a water bubble way. Eventually things adjust and the vision of a forest is clear.
Looking around I see a plethora of trees of course since I am in the forest, but I also see a beaten path. I reach out to the inspect the tree and was surprised to feel the sensation of coolness against my skin. It felt as though I really touched a tender green leaf. Walking felt real to. I could clearly tell when a rock or twig was underfoot through the thin bottoms of my converse.

Everything seemed like reality except for when I went to walk towards the path, my feet wouldn’t turn. Instead I started stepping towards the forest edge. My feet felt like they weren’t mine, I had feeling in them, but I couldn’t control them.

Since I had no choice I walked over to the darkest part of the forest edge. Just out of view there was something hanging in the tree, swinging in sync with the breeze. It looked so peaceful, but eerie. So badly did I want to go see what it was, but I kept on walking straight into the dark depths.
The further along I got, the darker it got until there was no light at all, except from the subtle glow of the sun seeping in through the leafs. I had a ever looming feel of dread walking down the path, and felt like a prisoner in my own body not being able to control my movements. Dogs where audible in the distance with a cacophony of howls emanating from the south. With little knowledge of where I was, it was extremely nerve racking walking around the next tree not knowing what could be there. Also not knowing the regions wildlife. I could be plummeting straight into a wolf cove or bear den, but there was nothing I could do any way to stop my feet.

Everything was fine until I encountered my first animal of the dark. We crossed paths just at the fork in the path. The animal was medium height with long raggedy brown fur, which was stained with mud and blood. Its long snout was parted enough to show long canine teeth, tarnished yellow and curved. The eyes where that of the devil himself, with blood red pupils fading off into a mere orange ring. It’s feet had prolonged nails, appearing to have been sharpened. It was frightening and all, but the thing that concerned me the most was the black studded collar around its neck. I know it was comparative to a dog, but as some tormented souls pet?
I tried not to walk closer to the crouching animal with the rabid stature, eyes with a fiery fury. My feet kept drawing me closer to it, walking straight down the path with the rabid animal. I tried screaming to scare it away, but that had no effect as it made no oscillation. I got extremely close to the creature before it was called away by a foreign tongue.
The strange language startled me with the realization that I really don’t know where I am. Out of the shadows walks my good friend Keely, only it wasn’t her. Her normally snake like eyes where shadowed with black and depression tampering her normally gay personality. She had her same towering statue, but know it was intimidating instead of something to joke about. Her normally bright wardrobe was dirtied with mud and caked dirt. She was a wreck, not the Keely I befriended.
I called out to her, but she didn’t respond at all. Not even the slightest glance, she just kept on walking through the thorny shrubs into the woods. The deranged dog following her. I willed my feet to follow her, but they wouldn’t budge.
Once she was out of sight, but certainly not out of mind, my feet picked up their pace down the beaten trail. Again I saw the dog at various path ways, but it made no movements laced with aggression nor did I see Keely.

After a sufficient amount of walking I came to a halt. Ahead of me I saw the free swinging bundle. The sight of it stole all my air and taunted me with it. I saw the very familiar figure of my friend Becca swinging from that rope. My feet slowly crept closer until the bundle was not a foot away from my face.

The sight was vile. She was hanging from a old piece of rope, rapped firmly around her neck, which was snapped making her hang on a odd angle. Her limbs fell lifeless to her sides, pale and hue less skin covered her bones. Her finger tips each punctured with the slightest hole slowly dripping the crimson gore into the puddle beneath her. In that puddle lay a mutilated cat, soaking up her blood amidst it’s own.

That wasn’t the worst of it. Her face…. It was stitched… Her mouth stitched shut with black thread in large perfect stitches. Who ever did it took the time for perfection. Her eyes where stapled close with huge carpentry ones. Her hair looked the same ragged as always.

I was in such a  trance from the horrid sight in front of me that I didn’t notice Keely perched on the boulder ahead of me. There she was, the same zombie I had encountered earlier. Only she was in a strange position. With her fist curled tight, white knuckled just below her jaw line. Eyes starting right at me not blinking or twitching.
Behind her was that homely dog, standing quite loyally at her side.

In her hand she housed a silver cucumber peeler, the weapon of choice we always joke about. She walked closer gripping it tighter, slowly raising her hand. I tried so hard to run, but my feet wouldn’t cooperate. Her outstretched hand grasped my wrist and pulled it close. In a matter of moments she had that peeler running down my arm, dragging my beloved skin with it. Frantically I thrashed trying to get away, but to no use.
I couldn’t even scream nor make a sound.

Once she was bored with my arm she switched to the other. Blood gushing out with no sign of stopping. I stood there engulfed in a puddle of my gore with my best friend skinning me alive laughing.
At my feet the dog ate the skin chunks begging for more, only for Keely to oblige.
I got dazed from the blood loss only to fall face first into the gore. It quickly filled my lungs and throat with the salty liquid. All I could hear was her haunting laughter, mocking me for drowning in my own blood.

The clock struck 5;oo am, waking me from the nightmare. I look around the room see nothing strange or out of place. Not stalling for to long I got up to shower and get ready for school. On my way out the door, I saw my peeler laying on the counter with liquid on it. The closer I got I realized it was blood. Scared out of my mind I went back to my room, only to find my body laying in my bed. The sheets stained with gore dripping off the sides and staining my floor. Stepping on the creaky floor board caused “me” to sit straight up. I thought the sight of my friend hanging from a tree was awful this was just plain creepy.

“My” face was stapled in the same fashion and my arms scared with the marks of a peeler and lack of skin.
Maybe it wasn’t a dream….

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