Something Beautiful

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Watching the person I love in a burning room with only a mirror. The song El Manana by Gorillaz sparked this poem.

Submitted: August 19, 2009

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Submitted: August 19, 2009



Something Beautiful

Sitting here in my burning room

allowing life to be eaten away

melting from solid to pure nothingness,

I am chained to sit and watch

everything fall

but why would I do anything?

In time it might be something

something beautiful,

And just like a fairytale

told ages ago

I pick up my mirror and watch

what I so desperatly desire,

You are happy

not a scratch on you,

Life resides next to you

and death by me,

And the moving picture

turns my tears to dust

thunder roars overhead

Happiness returns for a weekend visit,

Such a kind person you are

you don't have to share anything with me

yet you do...yet you do,

Do you know how much you mean to me?

I can't stop thinking

you're everywhere,

I walk lonely halls and spot glimpses

a chance against the world

that we may be together again,

Such a wonderful person you are

you don't have to smile at me

yet you do...yet you do,

Everything around me is falling apart

and I won't save it,

I don't see a reason

the fire is eating up what I pulled out of thin air,

my crutches holding me up

they are the last to go,

But the fire won't touch my chains

these god-awful chains,

In the mirror I watch you reach out

if only I could reach too,

Demons respond to your touch

and i watch you cry

tears of suffering

my tears-

The demons get away with smashing your heart

you scramble to pick up the pieces

before the next one arrives,

I tug,


struggle against all that holds me

and yet I fail to save you,

Such a beautiful person you are

you don't have to touch the demons for love

yet you do...yet you do,

Everything is gone

the chains remain

the mirror in my hands

is melting,

Soon you'll be gone

and I'll truly have nothing,

So as your beautiful face fades away

I find new strength,

Thunder booms and rain falls

soaking everything,

The chains disappear

never again to return for a visit,

I have lost my mirror

but I won't save it

I won't search for it anymore

because in time

it might be something beautiful.

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