The truth

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I wrote this long back but I felt the true emotions hidden recently.

Submitted: October 02, 2013

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Submitted: October 02, 2013



You let me cold and the rain would keep falling,

Like mirage your dreams kept haunting me and I kept walking in the hot sun.

Life taught me lessons everytime but I never learned that you were not made for me.

Left me alone in a crowd and thats strange.


I realized later I stood up but slow,

Never knew about the journey but always had to go,

A horrible joke was my life, the truth it defies.

Never thought what beated inside was fragile though.


End of the story is happy in fairy tales,

 There is an angel say the gospel spells.

Threat and curse was all in fate,

Behold it I wanted to say " Please stop, please wait"


Nearly, the mystic love remained,

For all those curses, all bad and all good untamed,

A friendly neighbour "happiness..." there he peeks,

Darkness around protects me and promise it keeps.


The silly thought still plays in my mind,

Dim brightness here you are, Still kind!

Dont ask me to lie when I am on my deathbed,

I thank you life, you taught, you broke and then you got ahead.


I fill like an ocean, I hid like the grass and I slept like a child and I burned like a flame.

And all what I don't do and all that you named.

For all that sin and all that blame.

I am there and I will be back again.


Love you still but hate is unevitable too.... 

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