Shadow On The Wall

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Title says it all pretty much, well not really there is a meaning in their but I don't want to make it to easy to figure out now.

Submitted: August 06, 2009

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Submitted: August 06, 2009



Shadow On The Wall

Sitting on the floor

I watch as I cast a shadow on the wall

Sometimes I can see more

Some short, some tall

Me and all the shadows dancing on the wall

I open my eyes and I can see them all

I count them as they fall

The shadow on the wall

I wait, but the shadow is no more

My silhouette dissapeard off the wall

The other still stand tall

My reflection no longer in the mirror

Everything is starting to become clearer

My life a story no longer told

Everything around me feels oh so cold

The shadows short and tall

My family just a photograph Blacked out and hanging on the wall

The light at the end it calls

I wish I had a shodow on the wall.

Written By:

Stef Vesser

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