Time And Time Again (Let Go)

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This was written by my partner in crime :). When he was ten years old he was in a car accident which took the life of his mother. He does not talk about it much but he wrote this just recently and agree to post it on this site. It is a short poem but as poems go they don't have to be long just clear.

Submitted: August 10, 2009

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Submitted: August 10, 2009



Time And Time Again (Let Go)

A car wreck on the highway

Bright lights blinding the way

A smoke filled allyway in my eyes

I walk through the haze

I hear the scream and the crys

A fire burns inside

Time and time again I try to let go

I see it all clear as day

The fateful day that she went away

A carwreack on the highway

A pain inside for all time

Something i lost that was mine

The nightmares that followed

I was young

In a way so was she.

Written By Acel Vesser

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