Hole they call love

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Ever Feel so bad but then thankful for letting it happen?

Submitted: April 19, 2010

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Submitted: April 19, 2010



I remember when I stood before you, my love

Listenning to words rolling off those lips

So soft

So tender

Makes me think dark thoughts

Thoughts even a geek like i couldnt comprehend

So im stuck now sitting on my lonely staircase

Staring at obscure lights coming through the window

Are you coming?

I do wish so

To see you come through that door

Like a heavenly gift just for me

But dreams do not happen in real life

Expecially to people like me

Geek glasses

Red bumps galore

Frizzy hair that i long ago stopped trying to fix

How can i even think you'd fall for me?

Fall for someone so..... wrong

At first i never knew you, just heard about you




All made by kids and spread by kids

But i have one question left on my mind

Was any true?

Then i met you

School does help arrange things

Us, lab partners for one whole week

I starred at you, so handsome with that devilish grin

So clean cut yet messy

So perfect

So not me

I've cried for you

Wept my last tears away

Sung my last sorrows

Thinking how could i fall so deep into this hole

The hole they call love

I needed you

Even though you didn't need me

You were the beach hero

The one who saved lives

Who saved my life once

A life lost in uncertainty

Falling deep into a pit of darkness

Never going to return

But you dug me out

Even though you don't know me

Iknow you

And that is all that matters

Thank you for saving me

For bringing me on this rollercoaster

Because the hole they call love helps you

Even if you dont see it

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