Who has she become?

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This is a free verse poem I wrote. I didn't have a title to begin with, so I just threw one on there.

Submitted: July 04, 2013

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Submitted: July 04, 2013



Every time she looked into the mirror,
the ache seeped deeper into her soul.
Who is that girl looking back at her,
and how did she become so broken?
Living every day lonely,
she doesn't even remember how to speak.
How do you say "Help me"?
How do you say "I'm dying inside"?
How do you say "I'm lost"?
She wanders in herself,
looking for herself.
She fell too far and lost herself.
She continues walking through the darkness,
knowing she may never return.
Constantly fighting demons,
she's tired.
She wants to rest and get lost in time.
She falls to her knees.
"Go ahead and consume me now"
her voice is weak and soft.
The demons surround her.
"Set me free of this life of pain,
let me sleep forever in this darkness."
A demon approaches her and extends his hand,
welcoming her into the dark.
She weakly lifts her arm,
and extends her fingers,
touching the bones and rotting flesh,
she takes hold,
her body shakes.
He embraces her, 
a tear runs down her face.
her body goes limp,
her heart barely beating,
he places her upon the ground,
she closes her eyes.
She remembers now,
who she used to be.
She remembers how great it felt
to smile.
To laugh.
To love.
She remembers how quickly she lost herself,
how hard she had fought to find herself,
how she gave up hope.
She grins as her heart becomes frozen in time,
and there she lay, in the darkness,
for eternity.

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