Head & Heart

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This is about my first love which was 22 years ago still have good memories of this time, and bad.

Submitted: September 27, 2010

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Submitted: September 27, 2010



Head & Heart.

I think of him fondly keep him in my memory and at certain times of the year there he is in my thoughts, I smile and remember the times we had together, Iloved him so intensely and with such passion, I was so open to love back then, and I was brave enough to let love in, it is funny how your memories get distorted over the years and you only remember the good times rather than the bad we had a wonderful few years together we where totally insepreable part of each other but it was not to last, being realistic now how could it have things settle down and people change, I changed wanted different things as I am sure in the end so did he it was painful and took me along time to get over but I am glad I had the chance to love him as openly as I did because since then I have loved but not in the same way I suppose it is only natural to hold a little back for yourself, so you can get on with your life and live it to the full, I feel privilidged to have known him and I am content with my life I have my children and that love is the best for me I could not ask for more.

The only thing is now that I do not let my heart rule, it is my head that does most of the work and sometimes it does feel a little bit lonely but I suppose you can not have everything I am grateful for the things I do have, it would be nice to get swept off my feet but I am such a control freak I do not see that happening any time soon I sometimes think that romance is dead, I can dream and have my memories and draw upon them any time.

The future is unknown and the past I know, I just hope the present time I am in I actually live in and try to see the opportunities and not let them pass by.

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