Objects of Sentiment

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Wrote this a couple of nights ago, it is how I feel you should treat others how you expect to be treated yourself, with consideration and love and humility and tolerance it isn't always easy to be this way, nothing good was ever easy.

Submitted: February 27, 2011

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Submitted: February 27, 2011



Objects of Sentiment.

Objects of sentiment, people are not possessions, they should be held with love and sentimental value, high regard cherished, and respected ask yourself when does someone or something loose its value, when you cease to care and then it is given away or tossed aside, without consequence without thought without love, if you look after people they look after you I always thought that but it isn't always true, still it dosen't stop me from being the person I am or want to be.

We need no possessions, we choose possessions and one person dosen't belong to another you have freewill to choose to be a part of someones life, but not to be that life until you cease to exist in your own right. Some people merge together so you can not see where one begins and the other end, they become one which is truly beautiful.

I need to feel separate independant from another, a free spirit freedom to be me and not suffocated, or hemmed in I always have felt this when I have been in a relationship and happier when I am alone I do not consider myself a selfish person, I have tried in vain to spend my life with another and to put my energy into making a good relationship I have come to the conclusion that I do better on my own.

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