Precious Memories

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is of the first time my first love, and how we meet and how we came to be together.

Submitted: January 29, 2010

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Submitted: January 29, 2010



Precious Memory.

I didn't really notice you at first you were one of my best friends, friends, and back then you never really

associated yourself with close friends in a romantic way or least I never, just thinking about him

now still gives me butterflies.

How wonderful love is how precious and rare, and young love is innocent and new.

His name was David he had short blond hair not very tall but then neither I am so that's ok.

I saw him on occassion but it wasn't until a friends 18th Birthday Party that we got together for

the first time, we had a drink with other friends and he asked me to dance, which I did

I can still remember the smell of his aftershave and feeling really attracted to him, we danced and

spoke some more it was a really great night and also Christmas Time the night ended, and

we parted company David gave me his number but to be honest I didn't expect to hear from him again

well I recall he did ring me and we went out to dinner he picked me up at my house and we got

the bus to a place called the Firs I don't even know if it still exists, I was nervous and I remember

shaking but he put me at ease and spoke about his family and we had a really good night.

David was a really good friend butwe were both young and I wanted more freedom I suppose

I had my problems and he had his being both the older child we took on responsiblities

we were so young back then I have spoked to him recently and had we not been so young maybe

things would have turned out very different.

But what is or will be will be, we had a wonderful three years together, we would see each other as much

as possible he would take me out for dinner lunch pick me up from work once he began to drive he would buy me flowers

send them to where I used to work he spoilt me and no one came close as regards to the way I felt about him

I am glad I knew him and feel blessed that I had the chance to know love even if it'spainful at times.

Things did eventually end I think I just grew up and didn't want to be controlled emotionally in this way anymore

I think David ended our relationship intially and I was devastated a while later six months or so I got a phone call

it was David he said he missed me and that life wasn't the same without me I missed him but I was headstrong and stubborn

I felt numb really he was on holiday in Cornwall we had planned the trip together, in the end I hadn't gone

he wanted to get back together I was just finding my freedom again and didn't want to be tied it had been painful and I

didn't want to go back there again a few years later when I was pregnant with my Son I saw David again just in passing.

I have never seen him again in the flesh it has been 22 years I think back to them time now with fondness and a tinge of sadness.

It seems a lifetime ago and I feel a different person now, but from time to time I can think of him

and to be back there in my memory of him and be that young woman experiencing love for the first time.

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