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I do not really consider myself as a person who follows religion but I am very spiritual I believe their is something out there that takes care of us looks down on us if I believe in Angels their have been to many times in my life when I things have turned out to be a blessing this is what this story is about.

Submitted: December 06, 2009

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Submitted: December 06, 2009



Coming Home.

It was a day in which we travelled down to see some relatives the journery was about two hours, we got there no problem

spent the day talking and eating went shopping the day passed without much consequence, near the end of the day a friend phoned to say they

were to visit my Husband at my mother-in-laws house he is an old friend and I didn't really give it much thought at the time, my husband arranged to meet him

at the bus stop but he wasn't there my husband returned and phoned him again he was walking so we arranged to pick him up in my car I wasn't overly

bothered but Ican remember thinking, I will probably end up taking him home after aswell which to be honest didn't please me to much and I voiced this

to my husband but nevertheless he is an old friend so I compromised and we picked him up, after a couple of hours we decided it was time to come home

it was raining outside, and I was not looking forward to the journery home back to London, the motorways are quite dark in places and visiblity is bad along some

stretches of the motorways in England.

We left said our goodbyes, and took our friend home as I was driving I realized just how far he had to walk and was glad that I was taking him

home and thought to myself not to be so selfish it was a good five miles walk, and I should be more charitable, with this in mind we dropped our

friend home we had to take a different route home which meant driving though little villages and towns to get to the motorway (freeway) I have to

say I felt slightly put out that my usual route was changed and had to concentrate to see, we continued our journey home My Daugter in the back my

Husband beside me just about a half a mile from the motorway and my pedal on my clutch snapped Itried to put it in gear to drive but to no avail I

panicked at first then realized it was no good and pulled into a bus stop, was worried as to what to do, had no breakdown cover, had my moblie phone

had no credit but earlier that year my mum had payed so Icould ring her free of charge, thank god for that Irang my mum who proceeded to get a break

down truck out for us and that put me at ease.

An hour later and my mum would probably have gone to bed, I wouldn't have been able to contact anyone else, as I was sitting there waiting for

the breakdown truck, I prayed to the angels to come and be with me and help me, after that I felt tired but calm, within the hour a man came out

looked at my clutch pedal fixed said it was the spring and said we could drive home I was astonished how quickly we were on our way, we thanked

him and went on our way, half a mile down the road we picked up the motorway and got home to London quite late but safe.

The thing that amazes me the most is if Ihadn't taken my friend home and went out of my way we would have been on the motorway

going about 70mph the clutch would have snapped and Ihave a feeling Imay not be here telling this story so I sometimes think

if you just give a little more of yourself and go out of your way even when you really don't want to you can be rewarded in a good way

in this case my life.

Life has a way of changing when you least expect it like when you are late or leave to early or just when you think life is conspiring against you it is actually

saving you divine providence this means it is gods will and I am so thankful it did that night.

Sometimes you just have to trust and let go of the routine or the rule book.

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