Mickey and Minnie: Shore Leave Cancelled

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As Mickey and Minnie are enjoying a much deserved break from watching over their castle – and homeland- they discover that the threat of ruining magic has not fully been eradicated and must figure out a way to put it to an end once and for all.

Submitted: September 27, 2013

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Submitted: September 27, 2013



Mickey and Minnie: Shore Leave Canceled


*1 month after the events of Magic Kingdom Takeover*


It has officially been one month since Mickey and his friends have defeated the outsiders who once invaded their homeland in Disney. Things have been running smoothly and sales are at an all-time high for each of the divisions of marketing and management. Mickey and Minnie are so ecstatic about this, they’they have decided to take some well-deserved shore leave and take a vacation to Disneyland Paris to enjoy themselves without having to work. Let’s not forget, Disney is the best place on earth, correct? And let’s not forget the romance. Minnie definitely had some persuasion in the location. After careful months of planning, they’they have gotten all the details planned out. They’They have decided to leave the trust and magic in the hands of two of their best friends: Donald and Daisy.


“Hmm..bows? Check. Dresses? Check. Why do I feel like I’m missing something..? Minnie asked

“How about that locket I gave you? You know the magical one? Mickey responded

“Oh my! How could I forget! Oh, I just love it. You know, it did help us save our entire kingdom before” Minnie said.

“What a blessing. It truly does bring the magic of love together.” Mickey responded.

“It certainly does!” Minnie answered.

As they gathered the rest of their things, they headed to the entrance of the castle to be greeted by Donald and Daisy.

“Mickey! Minnie! Over here!” Daisy shouted.

“Oh! Hello there!” Minnie said.

“Alright, I’m assuming you guys know the rules, correct? No parties, un-restricted fireworks, loud music” Mickey said as he was cut off

“Okay, okay, okay! We get it! Now you two go enjoy yourselves!” Donald shouted.

“Here’s the key to the castle. Remember!” Donald then shut the door before Mickey could finish.

“You think they’re gonna be okay here for the weekend?” asked Mickey.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine! Now let’s go get our cab to the airport!” said Minnie.


“Ugh! I thought they’d never leave!” said Donald.

“Me neither! I’ll get the food, you get the movies!” said Daisy.

Mickey and Minnie had finally arrived in Paris, France. They got off the plane and had caught a cab to check into their own hotel room. They had a plan: They were going to spend a day in Disneyland and then a day roaming around France. This gave Donald and Daisy the castle to themselves for the time they were gone, giving each couple some alone time.

Exhausted from the plane ride, Mickey and Minnie had spent the rest of the day roaming around their local area. They were so happy. They went shopping, had a romantic dinner, and went stargazing. Oh, the love in Paris! The Magic! All very magical! Blindsided, they headed home and were ecstatic for the next day: Disneyland, Paris!


“Wow. I never actually imagined how big this castle actually was on the inside!” said Daisy.

“Looks like we get a vacation of our own!” said Donald

“Let’s not get carried away Donald, we still have the responsibilities that Mickey and Minnie left us.”  Said Daisy

“Relax, Daisy! We’ll have plenty of time for that. In the meantime, (He slowly put his arm around her and got closer) let’s watch this movie, start the hot tub, and take some time off” he said.

Daisy giggled when Donald’s hand was around her

“Hm, sounds like a plan to me!” she said.


Meanwhile, Mickey and Minnie had just arrived to Disneyland in Paris.


“Finally! We’re here!” Minnie shouted

Something was off in her voice. As they walked through the front gate, (They had free access, being the owners of Disneyland in California) they noticed that nobody’s presence was around. There were no attractions running, no cast members, nothing. There was just a pink castle in the distance with a cloudy atmosphere above them.

“What is going on?!?” Minnie shouted

“I have no idea. Let’s look around” Mickey said.

They looked around the restaurants, the attractions, and everything else in between. It wasn’t until they approached the castle that they finally found someone to talk to. It was one of the parade operators. He seemed to be closing up the “Magic Everywhere” parade float.

“Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell us what is going on around here?” Mickey asked.

“Oh my, Mickey! Why, let me say, it’s an honor!” said the Stranger.

“Pleasure is all mine!” Mickey responded

“But why is nothing around here operating? Is it because of technical issues?” asked Mickey.

“Haven’t you heard, sir? There was a break in just last night. A group of men dressed in black came in and started wreaking havoc across the entire park! We were able to have enough security to protect most of the castle here, but everyone else was evacuated and we had to lay off all our employees. There just isn’t enough time to get everything back up to speed for the rest of the season. We’re working on rebuilding, but the damage was too great. Everything is a mess.” Said the Stranger.

“Mickey, you don’t think those are the same thugs that attacked our home, do you?” Minnie asked.

“I don’t know. I thought we got rid of them once and for all last time. But I guess anything is possible.” Mickey responded.

“They were looking for treasure and anything worth of value. Wait. Are you saying this has happened before?” said the Stranger.

“Yes! In fact, it happened to our home in Disneyland, California. They were trying to destroy our castle and take all our belongings. Thankfully, Mickey stopped them along with our security and sent them flying off and under arrest. I just hope it’s not the same people. They held my friends Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and myself captive for days.” Minnie said.

“That’s horrible! I’m so sorry Madame.” Said the Stranger.

“My name is Pete by the way. I hope you two enjoy the rest of your stay here in Paris, at least try to have some fun. Unfortunately, we need to continue our renovations. We hope you have a magical day.” Pete said. There was hesitation in his voice along with some doubt.

Meanwhile, in California:

“Whoa…what. Where am I? Daisy?” said Donald.

“Mm…what? Donald what happened?”

“I think we um, had too much fun last night.” Donald said as he looked all around the castle. Everything was a mess. There was food everywhere, stains on the floor, furniture all messed up and overall disgusting.

“Mickey and Minnie are gonna freak when they see this!” Donald exclaimed.

“Relax, dear. We’ll go to the store later and buy everything we need to clean this mess up!” Daisy said.


On their way to the store, they noticed a man dressed in black walking the opposite direction of him. He was speed walking in an unusual way. His face was hidden by his coat, making it impossible for Donald and Daisy to get a direct look at who he was. Suddenly, the stranger dropped several papers on the ground.

“Excuse me sir! You dropped these!” said Donald.

However, the stranger then sprinted as fast as he could to his car and then drove off at the speed of light.

“Well that was strange.” Donald said.

“What did he drop?” Daisy asked.

“Let’s see: Twenty dollars in one dollar bills, a few bills, and envelope entitled “Deliver to Pete”. I wonder what it’s for.” Donald said.

“That’s weird. Let’s get our shopping done and then we can examine the rest of the evidence when we get home.” Daisy said.


Mickey and Minnie had another fancy dinner and went dancing at one of the most elegant places in Paris called “Au Revoir”. They enjoyed the rest of their vacation but could not help but wonder what had happened to Disneyland Paris.


“When we get home, we have to contact the rest of our locations to see if this has been happening anywhere else. Even if it’s not the same people, we still need to figure this out.” Minnie said.

“I couldn’t agree more. Plus, we need to see how Donald and Daisy are holding up at the castle.” Mickey said.

The next day, Mickey and Minnie had arrived back to their home in Disneyland. They approached the gates greeted by all their friends and employees. The sun was shining, the music was playing, and the “Celebrate a Dream Come True” parade was in progress. Donald and Daisy met Mickey and Minnie at the front of the castle entrance, welcoming them back to their home and asking how their trip was. After greetings had passed, Daisy brought up the fact that they found an envelope when going to the grocery store.

“In the envelope, we found this: It’s a map of all the Disney parks with circles and x’s on them. If you look closely, Disneyland has the largest circle with an x through the middle. Meanwhile, Disneyland Paris all the way over here has Circle with a check mark through it. What do you think this means?” Daisy asked.

“Well that’s odd. Disneyland Paris was closed due to a recent break in and severe damage to all of their attractions. We met a man there that explained how all the valuables were stolen.” Minnie responded.

“Look: Disneyland Shanghai, Disney World, and the Hong Kong Disney Resort all have circles. They’re in a row as well, as if connecting one another.” Mickey said.

“What should we do?!” Donald shouted.

“Wait, Daisy, who was this envelope addressed to?” Mickey asked.

“A man named Pete.” Daisy said. “His name was Pete”.

Mickey and Minnie both stared at each other in awe then gave a reassuring look on her face. She then headed upstairs to her office. Mickey then headed out to the balcony with Daisy and Donald following right behind him. He leaned over with a determined look on his face.

“Mickey? What’s going on? What are we going to do?” Daisy asked.

“We’re going to stop them once and for all.” Mickey said.

“Minnie is upstairs calling all of our remaining resorts. This time, we’re going to beat them to it.” Mickey said as he walked over to the family room, staring deeply into the Minnie’s locket she put on the table. The locket gave a sparkling, magical glow. A glow that only shined when danger was on the horizon.


To Be Continued. 

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