The Magic of the Paintbrush

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Stuck in a dull, boring reality; Alec is stuck living in a world where magic doesn't exist. He ends up finding a magic paint brush and finds out it has the magic to create a world where he belongs. In this world, he meets a girl named Kiara who also has a magic paint brush. When evil forces arrive from the real world to this perfect world, it’s up to those two to create something more important with their paintbrushes and themselves to finally get the fantasy world they've always dreamed of.

Submitted: August 15, 2013

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Submitted: August 15, 2013



It was just another boring day at work. Alec was heading home as usual around five o’clock. It was just like any other Saturday, really. He worked 11-5 and then just went home for the rest of the day.

“I hate this town. Literally, every single day is the same. They say it gets better, right? I mean, I know it’s just my teenage years but oh man, how can this possibly be what I’m living right now.” Alec thought to himself.

“I just want some excitement in my life. I have dreams, I know. It just takes so long to make them come true.” Alec thought.

He then pulled into the garage and went upstairs. He took a shower, went into his room and went on his laptop. He listened to music pretty much the rest of the night to block out the real world. Around 2 in the morning, with his family all sleeping, he noticed something glowing outside in the distance.

“What could that be?” Alec said.

Alec walked outside and followed the light. It was only until he was in complete isolation from any homes, cars, etc. that he finally found the source of the light. Covered with leaves, he noticed what seemed to look like a pen. At closer examination, he found that it was a paintbrush!

“What is a paintbrush doing all the way out here?” He thought to himself.

There were no houses, no cars, and in the moment – seemed like nobody would even think about coming around the location he was at with a paintbrush.

“I wonder why it’s all the way out here by itself.” He said out loud.

When he picked it up, it magically started to glow with a bright light. The very end of the brush was colored rainbow while the stick of the brush was a golden color.

“I’ve never seen a paintbrush with a rainbow tip. Something tells me that this paintbrush is far different than any other paintbrush I’ve used before” Alec said.

He put it in his back pocket and headed home for the night. When he got home, he kept it in his draw and it had stopped glowing. He decided that the next day he would go outside and try to paint something just to free his mind. He headed out to the backyard and sat down on his chairs near the fireplace. He decided to paint just your basic average landscape.

“Oh wait! He said. I don’t have any paint here. Let me just go –

Then, something magical happened. The paintbrush had started to glow again just like it did the first time that he found it. In his hand, he looked at it in awe. In astonishment, he decided to try to paint something on the paper without any paint or water.

“Alright, let’s try this out”. He said.

Nothing happened. It wouldn’t work. He tried to get it to work using actual paint and water and it just fell off as it shined the bright colors of the rainbow on the brush. Very close to giving up, Alec decided to take it out one more time and watch it glow in his hand.

“Why won’t this work?!” Alec screamed as he threw the paintbrush up in the sky.

Suddenly, the paintbrush glowed more brightly than ever before. Suddenly, there was sonic boom that erupted. The high winds knocked Alec around to where he was on his knees on the ground. Suddenly, glitter fell from the paintbrush as the world around him began to shift. Magically, the streets, houses, and people outside began to vanish as the cape of magic from the paintbrush began to create new scenery. Mountains, streams, a magnificent ocean, all surrounded him. In the distance he could make out a different landscape, one that was snowy. On the other side, he saw autumn as it was. The paintbrush then fell from the sky and right into his hand.

“Whoa….what the” Alec pondered to himself.

There were many different creatures there. All made from imagination, as no one was exactly the same. In fact, all these creatures were made as if magic. However, to his dismay, there seemed to be no other humans around. He began to walk until, in the distance, he saw a huge other side of the world. Or at least, what looked to be France as if it were still in that world; yet something told him that he was no longer in the same world as he thought he was. It looked to be the same county as France. Only difference was that there was nobody in it. Technically speaking, there were creatures in it that he saw when he first arrived here. Alec ran over to see what the apparent “France” was like. To him, it seemed dull and too much like the real world. So he pretended to draw something else instead of France.

“Ha! Okay, let’s just see if it’s possible to draw over this. Hmm..I think I’ll draw the California coastline”

He closed his eyes as in laughter to pretend to draw. Little did he know the paintbrush was glowing in all colors.

“Okay so here’s the beach, and here’s the Pacific Ocean way over there” Alec said as he laughed to himself.  Suddenly, he felt sand between his toes.  Astonished, he quickly opened his eyes to see that he successfully replaced half of the France-like country with the California coast!

“Whoa…it actually worked!” Alec said to himself.

“Now let’s just see here if I can-“Alec said as he was interrupted by a scream.

“STOP” said the voice.

Suddenly, a girl, approximately the same age as Alec, came up to him.

“What do you think you’re doing?!?!” said the girl.

“I…um..was just painting” He said.

“Yeah I can see that. Why were you painting over my beautiful country?!” she said.

“Oh that was your country? Sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was in this world.” He said.

“Clearly.” She said.

“So, who are you?” He said.

“My name is Kiara. Who might you be?” Kiara asked.

She was an average height girl with a French-Canadian accent. She had silky brown hair with deep brown eyes. Simply put, she was very attractive.

“I’m Alec. So how exactly did you get here?” Alec asked.

“Why, my paintbrush of course!”

She pulled a similar paintbrush out of her boot. It had red and white stripes on the brush with a rainbow colored stick. It was similar to Alec’s except his brush had rainbow stripes and the stick was golden.

“How did you get here?” Kiara asked.

“I have the same paintbrush. Well, not the same, but a paintbrush with the same ability as yours.” Alec said.

“Oh! There’s more than one? Hm I never knew that! Well Alec, it’s very nice to meet you.” She said with those deep brown eyes of hers. There was no doubt in Alec’s mind that this girl was something special.

“You as well!” Alec said.

“So I’m assuming that you know…all the magic that your paintbrush has, right?” Kiara inquired.

“Actually…I just thought I was pretending for a second there. I had no idea that it could create life on its own.” Alec said

“Well it can’t actually. You see, you have to use the power of your imagination to create the life in what you see here.” She said.

“Wow. I never would have even dreamed this would have been possible.” Alec said.

“Maybe not in the world you’re used to living in, but this world, anything is possible. It’s all in the imagination you use and the magic that follows.” Kiara said.

“Wow..that’s incredible.” Alec said.

The two of them began to walk around for a bit. They traveled to the France like country and to the mountains and farther than that. They talked for what seemed like hours, getting to know each other and what not. Together, they created more life in what they’ve never imagined. They created cities, powerful landmasses, floating skies, and more and more than what they had seen.

“This is amazing! I couldn’t imagine myself ever going back to the real world. By the way Kiara, where are you from exactly?” Alec asked.

“Oh, me? I’m from Quebec in Canada. What about you, Alec?” She asked.

“I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in America” Alec answered.

“How was your life before this place, Alec?” She asked.

“It was…well, to be honest, it was boring. I had a great childhood, don’t get me wrong. I just got extremely tired of my teenage life. I went to work and had difficult friends along with a family that was always fighting with each other. Now, being here, it’s amazing to get away from it all. What about you, Kiara?” Alec returned.

“Well…I told you I grew up in Quebec, Canada. My family life was rough. Very rough.  My parents had very little time for me, so I used to spend my time drawing as a child. I drew just a bunch of crazy things that you would laugh at now a days. When I was sixteen, I told my mom that I wanted to go into drawing, and you know what she did? She laughed at me. To the point where I just sat and cried.” Kiara said.

She was beginning to sob as Alec got closer to her and reassured to that it’s okay.

“Hey…don’t be so hard on yourself. Look what you did, you created this amazing place. You. Nobody else. Sure, the paintbrush got you here, but you created everything with your own mind. You deserve to go into that career. You have amazing talent, and one day, the whole world will know it.” Alec said.

“Wow…I never expected you to say…thank you Alec. Thank you.” Kiara said.

He hugged her tight as her tears began to fade away. To Alec’s surprise, she leaned in and kissed him. He didn’t fight it and the two smiled into each other’s eyes.

“So..when do you think we’ll have to back.” Kiara asked.

“Back? We have to go back?” Alec asked in return.

“Yes…I arrived here a month ago. When I got the brush, there was a note by where I found it. I found it lying right under where I picked up the paintbrush. She pulled out the note.  It read: ‘You have the magic to escape to a world unlike any before. There, you will find your true self. Go where this takes you. You will remain in this world until your time is up. When the time is up, you and your partner will have to use both brushes to return home. If you do not, you will be sent to an alternative world and you will no longer have the magic to create life. We hope you do not fail to find yourselves and can truly see who you are.’

Kiara closed the note as she sat there, not saying a word.

“Who wrote that?” Alec inquired.

“I have no idea. But I’m not sure if we’ll ever get the chance to find out.” Kiara said.

“So…who do you think we are? Are we more than what we think we are…or are we just..normal” Alec asked.

“There’s definitely something special about you, Alec. You’re also very special to me.”

At this point, Kiara and Alec have known each other for almost a month. Creating and giving life to a world of their own. Beautiful landscapes, beautiful creatures, and a limitless power of magic. They have fallen for each other. ­They know one day they’ll have to return home, but they have hope of it being different when they do return.

“And you’re very special to me too.” Alec said as he kissed her.

“It’s getting late, you should get to your home.” Said Kiara.

“I think I’m going to live in a castle tonight…what about you?” Alec said as he pulled the paintbrush out of his back pocket and created an enormous castle that shined maroon red.

“Oh, Alec.” She laughed for the moment. “I think I’ll sleep in my own castle tonight as well.” She said as she created a bright blue castle that shined just as bright as the red one.

They then got up from the beach they were sitting on and held hands as they walked back to their castles. Little did they know that both of their paintbrushes were glowing in their back pockets. They kissed and said their goodbyes for the night, not knowing what tomorrow had in store for them.

The next day Alec and Kiara were walking down by the beach. All winds were calm, and the sun was shining bright above them.

“Do you want to head over to France to pick up some food?” Alec asked.

“Sure.” She said.

“Let me just-“ Kiara froze as a huge thunderous roar came drifting off the seas.

Suddenly, the oceans rose and the wind picked up as Alec and Kiara drifted back towards the mainland. A portal began to open. It had a dark red glow around it. Through the portal, they saw another world other than the one they were in. The next “world” was not reality on earth; it was something far different than what they have seen. A bunch of armed guards started storming through the portal. They were humans, no doubt. None of them to Alec’s eyes had a paintbrush, so it was a mystery to how they came through. There were hundreds, but definitely not the entire army. Alec and Kiara ran as fast as they could before they started shooting cannons in an attempt to destroy everything they could.

“Run Kiara!” Alec shouted.

They were separated for the time being. Kiara had run towards France and Alec headed towards the California coast. These places, in turn, were opposites of each other. The majority of the forces headed through the portal were heading towards France. Quick thinking, Alec took out his paintbrush and drew up a tsunami within the Pacific Ocean. Drawing a jetpack to get away and high into the sky, he watched as the tsunami washed away most of the forces that were headed towards France.

“Whew, that was close.” Alec said to himself.

Meanwhile, Kiara was dealing with her own mess running through the streets of France. Quickly, she drew up several traps that were sent to go off when passed by. She successfully stopped several guards pursuing her, even though most of France was destroyed from the tsunami and the traps sent everywhere. She was cornered with nowhere to go.

“Looks like your story ends here, Kiara.” One of the guards said.

“How do you know me?” Kiara asked.

“We know everyone who has ever had or owned a paintbrush. You failed to find yourself in time and leave this place. So now, we take hostile action. I will give you credit though. You and Alec are the only people that have ever made it this far. Usually, we just erase everything they’ve given life to every so many years when new people return. But you two? You made it easy for us. Now say goodbye.” He said as he attempted to attack her.

Suddenly, Alec dropped in and picked her up in the jetpack he had. He used his paintbrush to erase the support beams of the building that had surrounded Kiara and the man. The man was crushed and presumed dead.

“We have to get back to the portal! I think we can close it!” Kiara shouted.

Suddenly, the jetpack had broken down and Alec and Kiara were sent falling down to the ground. They made a loud crash. Both injured, they got up and walked over to each other.

“Closing that portal is our best shot.” Kiara said.

“Are you sure we can do that?” Alec inquired.

“We’re more than who we think we are. We were born to do this. Let the magic within ourselves create something greater.” Kiara said.

Together, in hands, they took out their brushes. The paintbrushes were glowing brighter than ever before. They shot them at the portal and it had suddenly started to close. It was energy draining. Both of them almost lost their grip with all the power and energy flowing through them. Magically enough, they had enough power to close the portal. Relieved and both out of breath, they sat down on the ground.

“We did it.” Kiara said.

“Yes, we did.” Alec said.

“I think I finally understand. No matter what happens, we can pursue our dreams if we have the courage and magic in our hearts to pursue them.” Kiara said.

“You’re absolutely right.” Alec replied.

“You know, when we leave, there’s no telling what will happen to us. I could end up back at my home in Pittsburgh and yours in Quebec. Do you really want us to go our own ways?” Alec asked.

“We have to live our dreams. But…my dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.” Kiara asked.

Alec smiled at her response.

“Let’s head home. But let’s do it differently than how we got here.” Alec said

Together, they held hands. They took out their paintbrushes; this time, they started to glow along with their brushes. They raised them up to the sky; and within seconds, they disappeared from the world that they had come to love. They both realized that there is no perfect world. No perfect person. No perfect anything. But with themselves, they can create and share what they love and try to perfect it as much as they can.

They both were knocked out when they returned. When they woke up, they felt sand between their toes.

“Where are we?” Kiara asked.

“Oh, I think I know.” Alec answered.

They held hands one last time as they stared out into the deep, blue ocean of the California Coast.



The End. 

© Copyright 2020 inspiredwriter29. All rights reserved.

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