Battle of The Toughest

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Battle of The Toughest

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



As I look over my empire I smile with amusement. Knowing that Krone won't recieve a empire of great quality, or warriors of such strength. I chuckle to myself evilly, I look over at my training army and noticed a small weak warrior. I started walking down the stairs my armor clanging. As I approached my army they all turned to me and bowed and as one said my name, "Queen Phrelix we serve to you." I smile and walk through my mass's of strong holders and notice the small one shaking. I make my way to him and remove his helmet to expose his face. It is sculpted and has hard features. I smile knowing he doesn't know what is coming to him. He is still shaking as I put a hand on his shoulder and starts leading him to my castle. We enter as my guards bow and says exactly the same words my warriors said. I nod to them as they smile evilly to the small warrior. I feel the waves of nervousness radiating off of him. I chuckle darkly to myself as we enter the excution room. I sit him down on the chair and sit on the throne in front of him and cross's my legs and holds my hands in front of my face. I smile as he smiles back nervously. I speak softly in a soft tone, "So what are you doing in my militia?"

"Q-Queen Phrelix, I wanted to join to prove I am not weak, I might look like it but I am strong warrior. But I believe we do not have to keep fighting. We can find other ways to solve our conflicts. You can be the first queen to do so!"

"Oh really? Have I told you that I tried to do that? And that Krone disagreed? That war was the only option? I want peace for my land and you have a strong heart, but most of my warrior want to try that and if we try they loose their most beloved queen."

"M-My queen? What are you going to now?"

"Your gonna have to go... And I want you to go either nicely or harshly."

"I will go nicely, w-what is the nice way?"

I smile and pull out my sword and holds it up to my face and examines it and looks at him and smiles bigger. His eyes widen with fear as he squeaks, "W-whats the harsh way?" I look in the direction where my militia is as his gaze follows in the same direction. His breathing increase and he looks at me with even bigger eyes  I chuckle and holds my sword to his throat. He gulps as I move the tip along his adams apple. He closes his eyes as I slice my sword through his neck. His head stays on his neck for a couple of seconds the fall off to the floor. I laugh as his blood has covered my sword and some of my armor. I start to exit the room when I hear fighting outside my castle. I quickly run outside and see's Krone's army attacking my'n, my warriors are loosing. My eye's widen as I run and start slicing men with my sword and dodging blows and attacks. I run to Krone with a plan to execute him, he runs towards me with the same plan. I growl as I raise my sword to cut him in half as he does the same. I scream and try to puncture his armor, but my sword bounces off. I watch in shock as my sword is lost in the heat of the battle below me. I look at Krone as he prepairs his sword to slice through me. I can not allow him to take over my land and palace, as he prepairs to attack me I move quickly out of the way and grabs his head and snaps his neck paralyzing him shortly. He falls to the ground with a loud thud. He watches me grabs his sword and holds it over my head. He whimpers and whispers hoarsly, "Wait Phrelix..." I stop and look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"We c-can marry and own both lands together...I have always loved your bravery and your c-courage. I have always loved you."

I stare at him unbelievingly, but the look in his eyes says he does love me. Then I remeber all the times we try to solve conflicts, the times he kissed me. He does love me, but I can't bring myself to love him back. I looks at him sadly, and he smiles faintly at me. I drop his sword and help him up, he wraps his arms around me and hugs me happily. I hugs him back then feel a pinch through my armor then a terrible pain shot through my back. I begin to black out as Krone holds me as I go limp. He kiss's me with an evil smirk. He lets me fall to the ground as I slowly blackout.

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