Halloween Ending

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Halloween story

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



One Halloween will be my last...I never saw it coming even though all the flags popped up in my head. I was brutally murdered by a killer. At first I thought it was part of the prank. I screamed with fear and excitement. Then he put a knife in my ab section. I stopped screaming and I stood there frozen. I was dropped to the floor and left there for dead.

My name is Kathy Waterson. I was dressed up as a bumblebee for Halloween I was excited about this Halloween because I got to do things I normally never got to do. I got too go to a friends party. Then go trick or treating all night. Once the party was over we left to go to get our treats.

We got a few blocks down with our bags half way full of candy. When we came to a house. I stood there and watched my friend go into the house she stopped and looked behind her. Then she yelled, "Are you coming you scaredybaby?" This house didn't look like anyhouse i've been to on Halloween.

I was finally tired of the insults from my supposted friend. So I went into the house as I walked there was things that kept popping out at me and scared me. Finally we go to the end of the house and there was a man dressed as a killer. I stood there and looked at him.

He looked down at me with these crazed looking eyes. I slowly spoke to him I do not know what posessed me to say it but, I said, "This house is really scary..." He said back,"You want to see something more scary?" I slowly nodded and he grabbed me. I started screaming with fear and excitment.

He was grunting and struggling as he pulled me into a dark room. Then as I was about to stop screaming I felt a pinch then exgrushating pain. The man bent over and said, "Got ya." Then he dropped me to the floor and walked off. Then I realized that I have been pranked.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! \"devil\"

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