LRRH-Time For Dinner

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Little Red Riding Hood.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



I run through the woods panting like a dog. I stop and look for a place to hide and see a large bush. I hide in the bush and catch my breath as I see the wolf approach. He smells the air and looks in my direction. I cover my mouth and keep from gasping. I close my eyes trying not to freak out. I hear the wolf come a bit close. He gets so close that I smell his nasty breath. I try and keep myself from barfing. He reaches in and grabs me and pulls me out, as he is doing so im kicking and screaming for him to let me go. He puts me in front of him and he gets his face closer to my'n. Thats when I realise he isn't like any wolf I have seen. He is just a very hair man with long claws. He is actually very handsome, I begin to get weird sensations. His growl snaps me out of my transe. I nervously raise my hand to touch his muscular and sculpted face. He hesitates then moves his face closer and allows me to touch the side of his face. I rub it softly and is amazed by how soft it is. I move my face a bit closer ignoring the smell of his breath. Right now all I cared about was kissing his soft and amazingly bueatiful lips. He moved his face closer as well, we get so close our noses are touching. I whimper softly as he growls silently, he grabs the back of my head and shoves my face to his kissing me deeply. I moan softly and whimper louder encouraging him. He slowly prys my mouth open and slides his smooth tongue into my mouth. I had never experienced feeling like this before.

His tongue laps over my'n and I shiver with happiness. It didn't taste of what I expected instead it taste of blueberrys and mint leaves. I moan again and wrap my arms around his broad shoulders and he lays me gently on the path. I smile a little and blush and realise that today was a kinda good day not to wear panties. Manly cause my mama was washing them. He stops kissing me and raises one of my legs. He then speaks in a deep husky voice, "I have been watching Little Red Riding Hood. I saw you celebrating on your 18th birthday. And I saw you a couple of weeks ago. When you came through these woods I had to resist temptation to come and get you. And make you mine..." I blush even brighter and whimper then speaks in a soft gentle voice, "Why do you want me?" He licks the inner part of my thigh and smiles, "So I can make you my mate for life. You see your irresistable to every wolf here. If it was me I would eat you right here. But I can't since it's open territory I have to take you to my den." My eye's widen and I struggle a little.

"Y-you don't have to. Its ok if we just stay here."

He laughs and shakes his head, "No not here." He picks me up and runs through the woods making twists and turns. I slowly begin to panic and pray that something comes along to stop him, but then I have this feeling of letting him take me and making me his. I close my eyes and hears a thud and feels impact. I fall to the ground unknowing of what happened. I open my eyes to see a much larger and stronger wolf attacking the wolf that captured me. I watch as the larger wolf clawed and bit the smaller wolf, and drawing blood. I close my eyes still hearing the fight. Eventually I hear the smaller wolf screech and run off. I open my eye's and look up and the approaching wolf. He smiled and gave out a hand, I take it nervously and he picked me up with one arm. He wraps his large and gentle arms around me to make sure I won't fall. I look at him and smile back. He was even more handsome than the other wolf. I touch his face gently and thank him. He nods and starts walking off with me in his arms still. I loo around and see's that we are approaching a clearing with a bunch of other wolves. They all turn and look at me hungerily, I look back at my rescuer and saw him looking at me with the same expression as well. I began to panic as one of the wolves said, "Time for dinnner."

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