Glowing Changes, part 2

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Taylor, Michael, Jamie and Ellie are at a birthday barbeque, when all of a sudden, a glowing, green light appears, coming from the school grounds of which they'd graduated just a year earlier. When they arrive, they meet Pavlushka, a mysterious old man who each grants them cool abilites. So now Taylor can fly, Michael can transfigure, Jamie has telepathy and Ellie has telekenisis. Some time later, they discover mysterious matching tattoos which glow as their abilities are used.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



...She came over and hugged me.

“How did this start?”

“Um, I’ve been able to do it for a while. I don’t know, it just happened.” Clearly, the second part was a lie. Grace nodded.

“Grace, can we just leave it, I hate talking about it and I don’t even enjoy reading minds that much,” I said.

“Okay, fine. I’m sorry,” she said, kissing me on the cheek.

“She knows!” I said later on the phone to Michael. “She knows about my telepathy! I accidentally answered to something she thought. I feel like such an idiot!”

“Dude, don’t worry about it. You’ve got a gift that’s a little more natural than everyone else’s. As long as no one finds out about me, we’re cool. Look man, I’ll talk to you later. Taylor’s here.” he said, reassuringly.

“Taylor’s always there,” I muttered, irritated. I heard a knock on the door. “I’ve got to go. Later.” I hung up. Grace came into my room.

“Who was that?” she asked. “My dad,” I lied.

“Okay,” she said.

Grace believed anything.

I lead her down to the living room where we decided to watch a movie. I let her pick from my father’s extensive collection. During the film, she fell asleep on my shoulder. I turned off the DVD player and TV and let her sleep on the couch while I slept on the floor.

I was awoken the next morning by my fifteen year-old brother, Scott who came in the living room to check the weather forecast on Sunrise.

“A sixty-three year old man has been arrested overnight on the Gold Coast for drug possession,” said the Sunrise newsreader, Natalie Barr. “Five kilograms of cannabis found in Pavlushka Rostov’s Hi Ace. It is believed is a notorious drug dealer. He will be due in court next month. The story ended with an image of Pavlushka.

“I know that man!” I exclaimed to Scott.

“How?” he asked.

“He’s just some creep that comes into work,” I lied, stumbling over my words.

“He buys like, two fifty packs of Holiday Menthol almost every day.” I felt a little guilty because that probably wasn’t true at all.

“He buys a lot of pot too, by the sounds of it, I mean, sells it.” Scott said. “Yeah, I guess he does.” My eyes stayed fixed on the TV until I heard Grace make a sleepy groaning noise.

“Dude, is that Grace Payne?” Scott asked, smiling.

“Yep, she’s beautiful, isn’t she?” I responded.

“Oh, my God. Did you guys… you know…?”

“What? No! Man, this is only the second date. We were watching a movie and she fell asleep.” I checked my phone. “Crap! I have to go and get ready for work. Look after her, will you?” I instructed Scott.

“Don’t expect me back until late. I’m going to Ellie’s.” I went and showered before leaving for work.

I worked a six-and-a-half-hour shift before going to Ellie’s house. My shift was horrible and like I predicted, it was my last. I hadn’t even been slacking off this time! I was sure Chris had it in for me. It was either him or Joe, one of the supervisors. When I got to Ellie’s, Taylor and Michael were already there. Up in the air, making out as usual. Ellie was busy moving bedroom ornaments around with her mind. I walked in to the room.

“’Sup losers?” I greeted them.

“Hey, Jamie,” everyone else said in unison. Taylor flew her and Michael down carefully and as usual, she was unnaturally graceful. The nickname, Tinkerbell suited her. We realised that any overly-rough contact or landing could trigger an instant and uncontrolled transfiguration for Michael. It had happened twice before, first the tarantula, secondly with the possum. It beats ending up with broken bones though.

“How was work?” Taylor asked, making conversation.

“It was shit. I got fired,” I said honestly.

“Oh, man I’m sorry,” said Michael.

“Don’t worry about it. It was a dodgy job anyway. I quite often got the crap hours and they don’t pay you very well.” I changed the subject; “Did anyone watch Sunrise this morning?” I asked. Taylor was the only one who said yes. “Did you see the story on Pavlushka? He got busted for drugs.” I said. Taylor nodded.

“You’re joking!” exclaimed Michael. I smiled.

“No, I’m not. Five kilograms of pot, I believe.”

“Shit. Oh, I can’t believe this!” he said, pacing the room with his hands behind his head. “Yeah, he’s due in court next month they said.”

Michael shook his head in disbelief.

“This is insane.”

“Tell me about it,” I said. “Oi, Tink. Fly me?”

“No,” she answered, abruptly. “I’m joking,” she said with a smile. “Come here, J.”


Hearing about Pavlushka was shocking. Five kilograms! I needed a break. Being with Taylor was amazing. Everyday I wanted to be with her. She’d take me for flights and I’d transfigure her. Her gift was truly improving. Not only she’d worked on her altitude, but her speed also. If only we weren’t four teenagers that had out-of-the-ordinary abilities, I thought frequently. I would have loved to have shown other people. But who knew what would happen if I did. The consequences could be disastrous.

One day, Taylor was really stressed. I’m not sure what over. It was probably that time of the month. I was giving her a massage and I saw something on her back. I slipped the back of her singlet down slightly to reveal a drawing of a pink three dimensional star on her left shoulder blade. “When did you get a tattoo?” I asked her, curiously. “What are you on about? I don’t have a tattoo,” she said, confused. I lead her over to her vanity mirror and showed her.

Taylor swore protrusively. I was a little shocked, I’d heard some mild language from her, but nothing like this! She had me take off my t-shirt to check my back. I had one too. In exactly the same place, exactly the same image except mine was blue. She started to freak out and then and then began sobbing quietly. “My parents are going to kill me and I didn’t even do it,” she said. I shushed her and tried to comfort her.

“When the night is dark and stormy,

you won’t have to reach out for me…”

I began to sing. She smiled and looked up and me. She was still teary-eyed.

“I will come to you.

Oh, I will come to you,” she continued. Another thing about Taylor. I didn’t know she could sing until then.

“You have an amazing voice,” I told her. “Too bad it’s hidden under sobs.” I looked down at her and brushed a piece of hair out of her face, and kissed her on the forehead. She once again smiled at me. I kissed her on the lips. She hugged me tightly and together we rose into the air to the same spot we were hugging in the day she got stuck.

We spend at least half an hour talking about life in general before Taylor said; “We should call Jamie and Ellie. I wonder if they’ve got the same tattoos on their backs.” I agreed. We flew down carefully. Taylor knew well of the consequences if I land too hard. Taylor took her phone from her bag and rang Ellie’s number. She only got her voicemail.

“Hey, babe. Can you please call me as soon as you get this? I love you,” she said into the receiver.

“I thought you loved me,” I said, pretending to be offended.

“I do love you. Just not quite as much as Ellie.”

“Oh, sad face,” I said in a childish way. She walked up and hugged me.

“I love you berry muchly.” I smiled and then kissed her. I heard her phone ringing. “Is that yours?” I asked. Taylor went over to answer it. It was Ellie.

“Hey Ellie,” she greeted. She paused as she waited for Ellie to respond. “Hey, look I need you to come over to mine. Like, now. Bring Jamie…. Oh, God, no way! Shit. Hey, bring him anyways if he’s up to it… cool beans, bye.” She turned to me.

“Jamie was already with her. He walked in on Scott and Grace, so he’s pretty upset. Please don’t say anything stupid,” she said.

“I won’t,” I said reassuringly.

“I bet you’re pretty glad your sister’s away at boarding school. She’s kind of hot, you know. ” I replied.

Taylor punched me on the arm. And Taylor can punch hard.

That’s going to bruise, I thought, looking at the spot she hit me.

“You’re disgusting!” she cried. I laughed.

“Chill, Tay. I was joking.” I went to hug her.

Taylor had a younger sister, named Anastasia. Enrique and Anja sent her off to boarding after she started rebelling. The last straw was when she was caught smoking pot at school.

I told Taylor about Grace knowing about Jamie’s ability. She didn’t say anything.

Before long, Ellie and Jamie had turned up. Anja greeted them at the door, not knowing they were coming but she let them come up here.

Taylor sat them down. “Have you guys noticed any unusual markings anywhere on your bodies?” she asked, as if she were a detective.

Ellie and Jamie looked at each other. Ellie nervously stood up and pulled the back of her tank top down so we could see the tattoo. She also had the star, but this one was purple. Jamie also showed us his star. His was a turquoise-green colour. We stood silently in the group. I broke the silence.

“How long have they been there for?”

“They weren’t there yesterday,” Jamie replied. I looked around. Everyone was looking at the floor. It was a depressing moment. I once again took to the ‘stage spot’ and I transfigured into a St. Bernard. No reason, I just felt like it. Something that I hadn’t noticed is that the markings glowed whenever we used our powers. That didn’t bother any of us. It was actually pretty cool.

Taylor came over and petted me. She then led me over to the bed. She sat down in front of it and I lay down next to her. She leaned her head on my back with one hand under my belly and the other playing with my tail.

What is it with her and tails? I thought. Jamie snorted.

“That sounds so creepy, dude.” I just realised he’d read my mind. I laid my head down onto the floor. Ellie lay on the bed and with her upper body hanging over the end on the other side of me. She also started petting me. I kind of liked the attention. Jamie sat cross-legged in front of us.

“You know I always wonder what the reason was to receive these abilities from Pavlushka. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s amazing. But I want to know if there’s any reason behind it. I mean, first with the abilities and now with the tattoos. They’re actually more like markings to me and because we have almost identical markings, I know this sounds corny, but I feel as though we’re a team. I don’t know what for, but we are.” Taylor had always been good at pep-talks. Jamie nodded.

“I agree.”

As do I, I thought.

“Mike does,” he said to the girls, reading my mind. “What about you, Ellie?”

Ellie thought for a while. “What is my ability good for?” She sat quietly for a while.

“Ellie, your gift is more useful than mine. Mine is only good for when Michael is in another form. I’d really rather not hear what people think of me.”

“That makes me feel a lot better, Jamie, thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome, Ellie.”

Taylor looked at me and then hugged me tightly. “You should probably go and transfigure back now, Michael,” she told me. I got up and barked.

“He was thinking, ‘Do I have to?’” Jamie said. Taylor nodded, she didn’t like me in another form for very long. It made her paranoid. I don’t know what about, but it did.

I growled at her playfully and transfigured back to my own form where I was. I was laying in an awkward position so I sat up and sat back down in the space I had been next to Taylor and hugged her around the waist. I looked up at Ellie who was still laying belly-down facing the foot of the bed. I patted the carpet, indicating she could sit next to me.

“Are you sure?” she asked nervously.

“I’m very sure,” I told her. Ellie came and sat next to me. She did the same with Jamie, who sat next to her without any hesitation.


After discovering the markings, I always made sure to wear something to cover it, especially around my parents, such as a dark-coloured tank top with a high back, a t-shirt or even a jacket.

In his spare time, Michael would help Ellie find ideas on how her powers could be useful. Just like Michael could transfigure us and I could fly them around, Ellie was able to use her telekinesis through other people by holding hands with them and it would be double the strength. Jamie was still upset over the Grace and Scott incident. He couldn’t face him. Even though it was only the second date, he thought there may have been a chance. He spent a large amount of time over at Michael’s. I mean, if you got fired from your job and walked in on your brother and someone you were dating all on the same day, you’d need someone to confide in too.

One day when I was over at Michael’s. Jamie was already there before I arrived. Michael suggested I take him for a lengthy flight to help him try and get over the Scott and Grace incident. It was so peaceful in the air and I felt I was really getting in touch with nature. Unlike most girls, I didn’t really care that my hair was wind affected. That’s what a hair brush was for. When I got back, there was a text message on my phone. I didn’t recognise the number, but I knew who it was once I read the message:

Meet me at the school grounds tonight, behind the old art room. 9:00pm sharp.

Bring your friends.

Everyone else had gotten the same text also. We were being forced to meet Pavlushka at the school that night at nine o’clock. This could be interesting. We devised a plan on how we were going to use our powers on him. Although we figured, if he gave us ours, he would have some of his own – and probably with more strength than the four of us combined.

I was ready to face Pavlushka. I didn’t know what for, but I was pumped. We drove in Ellie’s car from her house to the school grounds. I offered to fly them all there, although I didn’t know if I could carry three other people unless Michael was in the form of a light weight animal or maybe he could’ve transfigured someone else into a bird. Jamie was willing to be that other person. We decided to take the easier option otherwise Michael would be too exhausted for later. It takes double the energy to transfigure both yourself and someone else.

We arrived at five minutes to nine. We decided that instead of walking in normally, we’d make an entrance using our gifts in the fiercest way. We knew Pavlushka wasn’t up to any good. Why would he want to see us?

Michael tried to think of a dangerous land animal. He chose a lion. I’d be flying of course, and Ellie would double her gift by using it through Jamie. The only way that would work is for Jamie to stand in front of her, holding her hand and she’d be the power source.

Once nine hit, Michael transfigured into the lion. He walked with Ellie and Jamie while I hovered above them. Ellie was practicing on the way by lifting things and putting them back down. We were serious and ready for what we were about to face. It was quiet except we could hear Michael softly growling.

“Why, hello, hello,” Pavlushka said when we entered. We didn’t answer. We were like a strong and powerful team. But at the same time we were feeling terrified as we knew Pavlushka probably had more power than all of us combined.

“You want to know why I brought you here?” Pavlushka asked. None of us moved or uttered a word. We were all as serious as possible. We could possibly die tonight. Jamie showed you his case report earlier; here is what the rest of ours would look:

Name: RAMIREZ, Taylor Faith
Age: 19

Sex: Female
Date and Time of Birth: Thursday, 13th May, 1993 - 03:08 Hours
Date and Time of Death: Saturday, 20th October 2012 – unknown time
Discovered: On the grounds of Thomas J. Carr High School, Gold Coast, QLD
Cause of Death: Electrocution. Found with numerous broken bones.
Family: Enrique Juan RAMIREZ - Father, Anja Benedikta RAMIREZ (nee Holm) - Mother, Anastasia Grace RAMIREZ - Sister

Other: Found on roof of art room at on school grounds. Three others also found dead nearby – two males, one believed to be victim’s boyfriend, and one female, believed to be best friend. May have been foul play involved.

Name: CALDICOTT, Emanuela Harper (aka. Ellie)
Age: 18

Sex: Female
Date and Time of Birth: Friday, 3rd of Decemeber, 1993 - 03:08 Hours
Date and Time of Death: Saturday, 20tb October 2012 – unknown time

Discovered: On the grounds of Thomas J. Carr High School, Gold Coast, QLD
Cause of Death: Extensive burns.
Family: Stephen John CALDICOTT – Father, Jennifer Louise CALDICOTT-MOORE (nee Cooper) – Mother, Joseph Kyle CALDICOTT – Brother, Peter Andrew MOORE – Step father, Madison Lily MOORE – Step-Sister, Rhiannon Elise MOORE – Step-Sister

Other: Found on ground near old art room on school grounds. Three others dead nearby, one female, two males. Believed to be close friends. May have been foul play involved.

Name: MARCS, Michael Nicholas

Age: 19

Sex: Male
Date and Time of Birth: 14th March, 1993 – 14:47 Hours
Date and Time of Death: Saturday, 20nd October 2012 – unknown time

Discovered: On the grounds of Thomas J. Carr High School, Gold Coast, QLD
Cause of Death: Extensive injuries caused by fall. Found with fractured skull.
Family: Nicholas James MARCS – Father, Nicola MARCS (nee Dimitriadis) - Mother Abigail Melody MARCS and Jessica Ada MARCS - Sisters

Other: Found on ground near old art room on school grounds. Three others dead nearby, one male, two females - one of them believed to be his girlfriend. May have been foul play involved.

If I were going to die tonight, I would have wanted everyone that I cared for to know that I had a good life.


I noticed Taylor was very close to Michael the whole time. She looked strong and fierce, but she was just as frightened as anyone else. Pavlushka was only a small man, but who knew what he was truly capable of?

“You’re wondering why I gave you your abilities, aren’t you?” Pavlushka said. No one said anything.

“Well, it’s because I was wondering how you would cope in everyday stressful situations. Whether you’d crack under pressure, or you’d be able to keep them to yourselves. Well, I believe you have done well to keep them a secret. You know, I caused all those little accidents, I didn’t control them, but I gave them to you in that way. Michael, whenever you hit the ground hard, you’d transfigure. And Taylor, well, I just tried to see how you liked it, and you managed it quite well.” He lifted his hand. Taylor groaned painfully. She had felt the same shot of pain through her legs that she’d experienced the day she became stuck midair. “Oh, crap. Not again,” she exclaimed, painfully holding onto her legs. Pavlushka laughed. “I’m just messing with you.” Taylor let go of her legs, so obviously the pain stopped. She snarled at him. She got to Michael’s level and laid her head on his back and hugged him around his belly, which he seemed to enjoy. Out of a fit of anger, Ellie knocked over the Hi Ace, using her telekinesis. “How much pot is in there today, dickhead?” I looked at her, irritated, knowing she was provoking him to turn violent any moment.

He did.

Pavlushka shot a ball of fire at her. She blocked her body, but instead of the fire hitting her, she created a force field around herself. I stared at her. “How are you doing that, Ellie?” She didn’t answer. I saw her marking glow brighter and brighter as she tried to keep the force field up. She started feeling weak and the force field faded, as did her marking.

“Ellie, how did you do that?” Taylor asked, repeating me.

“I don’t know. I blocked and it just happened,” said Ellie, bent over and puffing. Taylor and I looked at each other. I grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher that was hanging on the wall around the corner from which we came of the building and extinguished the fire that was burning between us and Pavlushka.

Pavlushka looked at Michael. “Michael, I believe your powers have been causing you trouble.” Michael growled. Taylor sat by him and petted him to try and calm him down. “Oh, calm boy, you don’t want me to take that ability away do you, now?” Michael roared. He let go from Taylor’s hold and leaped out at Pavlushka. We all put our hands over our ears. Michael’s roar was louder than we were expecting. Pavlushka used his telekinesis to cause Michael to fly through the air backwards. He landed painfully. The second he landed, he was no longer the lion. He was himself again.

“MICHAEL!” Taylor shrieked. She, Ellie and I ran over to see if he was okay. He winced in pain. Along his forehead, he had a cut which bled down the side of his face. We tried to stand him up. It took him a few attempts as he was in so much pain. Not only his face, but his back also. He eventually sat up. Pavlushka was chuckling the whole time. Taylor looked at him and shook his head. “Taylor, do something,” Michael said weakly.

“I can’t! I don’t have any strength!” She yelled defensively.

“Or do you?” Pavlushka interrupted. Taylor rose high into the air, her marking glowing brighter the higher she rose.

Seconds later, she came descending at a fast speed above Pavlushka and his van. Pavlushka shot a bolt of electricity at her and she landed on the roof of the building, leaving a large dent.

“Oh, my God. Taylor!” said a now strong Michael he ran over to the building. “Ellie, raise me up.” She did just that. Michael, with the help of Ellie rose up to the roof. She didn’t quite line him up properly so he climbed up over the gutter. He stumbled up the slope over to where Taylor was laying. He touched her hand, which probably wasn’t a good idea. He himself got electrocuted, but only mildly. Taylor let out a painful groan. Michael picked her up,

“Come on, Taylor, we have to get to the ground,” I heard Michael say faintly. He picked her up in the same position that he’d carry her over the threshold on their wedding night. “Ellie,” he called. “Bring us down!” Ellie helped them down safely. “Taylor, can you stand?” he asked. “My back hurts,” she replied, with a sob of pain. I thought she was incredibly brave. She tried to put her foot down. She stumbled, but she made it. Ellie and I ran over to help Michael with her.

Pavlushka watched the whole thing. He then looked at me. “You’re next,” he said. My eyes opened wide. I didn’t know what I was in for. Only at the last second, I felt myself fly through the air. I landed against a nearby wall. Most of my body was fine, just a little achy. But then I saw my hand. I was shock when I saw it had been impaled on a piece of metal poking out from the wall. It didn’t hurt until then. The metal had gone straight through it!

I was in agony as I pulled my hand away from it. I swore a lot. Michael helped me out. I felt lucky that I’d only recently had a Tetanus shot. I looked down at my hand. I was horrified to see the wound. There was blood everywhere. Michael took a look at it. “You’ll probably have to have surgery for that,” he said. “Scratch that. Oh, my God!.” He pointed to the wound as it began to shrivel up and disappear. The blood also disappeared. Suddenly, I felt no pain. “Oh my God,” I said excitedly. “Was that you or me?” I asked. “It wasn’t me. Dude, that wound was like, a hole through your hand!” Michael said, still in shock. He looked at me, then back at my hand. “We’ll need to tell the maintenance people and the OH&S people if we survive this night,” he joked. “No, seriously, first Ellie protecting herself with a force field, and now you can heal. Also, the dent in the roof that Taylor made, even with that much impact can’t be natural. Has she got accelerated strength?” I didn’t know what to say. I shrugged my shoulders. We looked over at Pavlushka. He was waiting very patiently. Ellie was in the corner, talking to Taylor. She was still in a bit of pain from the impact of the landing on the roof. But Taylor was strong, emotionally and now physically. So now, I could both read minds and regenerate, Taylor had the abilities of both flight and accelerated strength, Ellie had the ability of telekinesis and could create force fields and Michael could transfigure and shoot electricity from his hands. These were four new abilities the group had to get used to. Yes, a girl with super strength. Who knew? We hoped she’d be able to control it.


I heard Pavlushka laughing. ‘Twas creepy.

“Oh, you kids are so sweet. So supportive of each other.” Again, this angered Michael and he shot a bolt of electricity out of his hand. It hit the Hi Ace and caused a lot of damage. His marking glowing through his t-shirt as he did so. “Oh, shit. Sorry Pavlushka,” he said jokingly. This made Pavlushka furious. We ran. I, being the shortest and the skinniest, knew it was probably pointless.

“Taylor, fly me!” I called after her. She looked back at me. “I can’t run fast like you guys can!” I insisted. She came back for me took us up. She looked down.

“Michael, transfigure you and Jamie into birds. Quickly!” Michael took Jamie’s arm as they were running and transfigured them into eagles. They soon caught up with us. The four of us were flying at quite a speed.

Pavlushka had quite forceful abilities, such as electricity, telekinesis and fire, but luckily he couldn’t fly or transfigure.

My heart was pumping faster than its normal capacity. I was scared. I had some old guy shoot fire at me but luckily was able to create a force field around myself. We found a public park to land in but we still weren’t totally safe. The park was dimly lit and had a bit of an eerie feel to it. Michael and Jamie transfigured back to their own forms. It wasn’t long before we heard a familiar laugh. We all looked around. But we couldn’t see anyone. With the dim lights, I notice a shadowy figure emerge in the distance.

“Crap, he followed us.” The others looked in the direction in which I was looking.

“I’m screwed. I’m screwed, I’m screwed, I’m screwed, I’m screwed, I’m screwed…..” I must have repeated it about thirty times. Taylor slapped me in the face. Hard.

“Snap out of it! You’re not the only one. We’re all probably going to die tonight.” I put my hand where she hit me.

“Ow,” I whined. Taylor hugged me.

“I’m sorry, bub. Here’s what could possibly be our last hug.”

I felt a tear run down my face. Her comment had really hit home. We hugged tightly for a little longer.

He came towards us. We began to run, but it was no use. Taylor and I were holding hands by now.Pavlushka appeared directly in front of us.

“What do you want from us?” Michael called.

“Oh, nothing in particular. Just, I decided you really didn’t need your abilities any longer.”

“I want to keep mine,” replied Michael, “and I’m sure everyone else does too.” We all nodded in agreement.

My head began to throb and my hands tingled. Taylor let go of my hand.

I froze. I couldn’t move, but I could see everything. There was a force field around me and every loose object was in the air, park bins, my friends (luckily there were no people in the streets), and even a nearby car was in the air. Only Pavlushka had enough strength to keep himself down. According to Taylor, my abilities were out of control and she believed Pavlushka was doing this to me.

Suddenly, it all stopped. I was able to move again. I looked down at my hands and then up at my friends. Once I did, everything that my ability was causing to float, fell down to the ground softly. Michael, himself, made sure to land softly on his feet. Taylor, as soon as she landed, came over to see if I was okay. She knew I was a little shaken up.


I wanted this night to end. The cut on my forehead was extremely painful. We knew Pavlushka had picked on Ellie because she was the smallest and she didn’t so much know how to use her abilities. But after causing injuries to Taylor as well as Jamie (which he was able to heal) and my cut whilst causing me to be automatically transfigured from my lion form and the attempts to burn Ellie, we decided this was the final straw.

I decided we needed a plan. Once again, Pavlushka stood patiently behind us as we huddled and spoke. He was ready for action.

We decided that Taylor’s ability of flight nor her strength wasn’t going to be much help in the final attack, so Ellie and I were going to stand on either side of her, holding on to each arm. This would be for extra strength. One of her hands was going to be for electricity and the other was going to be for telekinesis. Jamie would be there to break one’s fall if any of us were to become weak and fall down. Also, if Pavlushka were to attack back, which we knew he most probably would, Ellie could also create a force field, though she needed to stop using her telekinesis to do so. Whatever Pavlushka had in store for us would hopefully reflect from the force field and back to him. Jamie would come in between Taylor and me and could triple the strength of the electricity. We understood that this would cause me to become exhausted, but it was well worth it.

We did exactly that. Pavlushka used a strong fire element, though it was no use for Ellie’s force field. Our markings glowed brightly together. It was almost blinding. With Jamie now helping, I began to feel week just as I had predicted. My nose began to bleed. Pavlushka was laughing in his creepy way as used his attack on us. The fire and the electricity met right in the middle. The bright blue coming from Taylor’s hands was becoming stronger and stronger. The blood from my nose was well and truly running down my chin by now. I looked at Ellie, her nose was bleeding profusely as well. I tried not to breathe it back up. Ellie controlled her force field so that it was right where the two forces met and with that, Pavlushka’s fire reflected back onto him and I saw that his body was engulfed in flames. He fell to the ground. I knew he had well and truly died.

I couldn’t help it but feel guilty that we just killed a man, but it was all in self defence. Ellie probably didn’t feel much remorse. She seems insecure, but she definitely was almost as emotionally strong as Taylor. I walked over to Taylor. She took some clean tissues from her pocket. I treated myself for nosebleed, as she did herself.

“So, Miss Tay, yours or mine tonight?” I asked, with my head tilted back and the tissue pinching my nostrils together. “That’s my old dirty-minded Mikey back. I thought being a part-time animal had softened you a little bit.”

Screw you, I thought. Jamie laughed. We definitely still had our abilities.

I looked at my phone. 11pm.

“Late night pizza, anyone? I need to get cleaned up anyway.”

“Absolutely, Harry Potter,” said Ellie making a joke about the cut on my forehead. She looked down.

“Guys, my car’s still at the school,” “We’ll pick it up in the morning,” reassured Taylor.

“You know, if it weren’t for you guys. I’d be completely lost. Not only with my gifts, but just friendship. You guys have always been there for me, especially you, Tay.” Taylor smiled. A tear rolled down her face. I put my arm around her.

“If we weren’t friends, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and what happened tonight has just proved to me how much we need to rely on eachother. We need to stay together as a team, no matter how pissed off we get at one another. I love you guys, a lot and I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends in the world.” I let go of Taylor and put my arm around Ellie. Taylor put one arm around me and the other around Ellie. Jamie put his arms around Taylor and I so that Ellie was in the middle. It was a truly beautiful moment. Of course, it had to be broken. “Mikey, you smell like blood.” We all laughed. We went into the nearby pizza joint where I got cleaned up in the bathroom there.

So, that’s the story of my three best friends and me, or shall I say, two best friends, my girlfriend and I. We were just four average teenagers with eight awesome abilities between us.

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