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A quick opening chapter to a story. My first attempt at a novel, but hopefully it'll improve, please review and leave feedback. Thank you.

Submitted: May 25, 2011

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Submitted: May 25, 2011



Chapter I

Evelyn took a quick glimpse over her left shoulder. The small white flashes were becoming more distant. The calls were more faint. It was just her and the wide road which led down the Boulevard. With every step she took, the flashes became more faint with the calling and shouting more distant. With every step she took, her unreal freedom became a reality.

Making her way down the traffic heavy boulevard , she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. The small trail on her champagne coloured dress dragged across the wet tarmac, and her small, heeled shoes beat pain through the soles of her feet. She made her way down the boulevard. In her search for freedom, in her search for that someone to one day love her for the person she is, not her name.

Running down the streets, avoiding vehicles as they come hurtling towards her at various speeds, flashing lights and sounding horns. Some shouting, some swerving. She came to a sudden halt. One taxi was there still, bold, yellow and in the mix of all the chaos. She took hold of it's door handle, and got inside. 'Take me away from it all' She cried to the driver. 'Take me away.'

The driver, under orders. Put his foot on the gas. And a sudden rise in smoke came from the exhaust. The taxi was haunted by a smell of old tobacco and leather seats. She fell back into the warm leather. Her chest beating hard, catching each bit of breath she could. Slowly, she recovered from her escape from the stalking paparazzi. She panned the taxi, it's driver with his tired eyes focused on the cold, icy road outside, street lights above shone. Evelyn turned to her side. There sat a man, holding a novel of some sort. With a pen in his grasp. Smooth, silky brown hair tucked behind one ear. Glasses rested on his nose. His lush brown eyes, peering through the lenses, he looked Evelyn in the eye. A moment of complete silence fell inside the taxi. They both sat there, both of them still, with there eyes looking deep into the others. The cab soon came to a stop, the driver turned around and broke the beautiful moment with a stern demand for his tariff. A love-struck Clarke, hastily he dipped his hand into his pocket, and outstretched the required money and handed it into his sweaty palm. His careful eyes quickly counted the money before Clarke stepped out of the cab. He took one last look into her deep blue eyes. He cracked a small grin before saying, 'We'll meet again.....' He said, awaiting Evelyn to say her name. 'Wait, don't you know me? Don't you know my name?' She asked. 'Should I?' Clarke replied curiously awaiting her response. 'I'm Evelyn.. Evelyn Cassidy,' She replied astounded that he was unaware of who she was. After all, she was one of the most famous, influential and richest women alive. He grinned slightly showing his front teeth, 'Evelyn.. It's been a pleasure, I hope one day, our eyes will meet again.' He carefully got out of the cab, Evelyn watched him closely as he became more distant as the cab pulled off. He stood on the verge of the pavement, his book in one hand, the other in the pocket of his dark brown trench coat. Her wide eyes locked on his beautiful, caring smile. He pulled his hand from the pocket of his coat, and raised it into the air to shoulder height. A gesture Evelyn treasured. There he stood under the bright orange glare that came from the overhead street light. A slight, warm silhouette, a man who saw Evelyn as not the big name but the everyday girl, a man who saw her beauty for what she wants. She turned to rest back onto the warm leather seat, the love filled atmosphere slowly evaporating, she closed her eyes and held her hands close to her chest and breathed slowly. For the first time in years, Evelyn felt love, she felt the warm feeling flowing through her veins. She felt that lump in her throat, that pain deep in her stomach. She felt weightless, as if she could fly. This moment was a first for Evelyn. A feeling she had never truly felt before, a feeling she would keep. A feeling not only felt be her, but by Clarke also. The warm, loving feeling was mutual. They both felt an instant connection for one another.

A short while later, The cab came to a halt. “I'll drop you here!” The driver told her. His rude manner is only what could be expected from a man driving the streets of New York for hours on end, in an old beaten cab. “Yes, this is fine. Thank you.”

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