Key to the Soul

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is an entry for Sparrow01's contest.
The story is written in the second person pov, it's my firt time writing one so I hope you like it.

Submitted: August 31, 2014

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Submitted: August 31, 2014



You enter the building quietly and look around. Quickly you notice this is the fanciest restaurant you have ever been in. You’re not even sure if you truly belong here and you have an almost unbearable urge to turn and run the opposite way. You don’t though; instead you take a couple deep calming breaths. Once you are calmer you step up to the host’s counter and the young woman smiles at you. You return the smile not sure what to say.


She seems to sense this so she says, “Hello there, Miss. Are you here with someone or are you alone this evening?”


“Um…with someone…has Mr. Deconde shown up yet?” your voice is soft and you hope the nice young woman heard you.


She looks at the clipboard in front of her looking for the name you told her. She looks back at you, “He has not arrived yet, but he has made reservations. Would you like to be seated and wait for him there?” You nod and she pulls out two menus handing them to one of the young men waiting to lead someone to their table. “Follow him, he will take you there.”


You smile and say thanks, before turning and following the young man. He leads you to a secluded area away from most of the other people. He pulls out your chair for you before setting the menus on the table. He leaves for a moment and returns with two glasses of water and offers you some of the chosen wine for the night. You accept a glass and he pours you a glass before leaving.


You pick up your menu and start looking through it. You wind and unwind your finger in a strand of your light red hair absentmindedly trying to make sense of the menu. Though it is in plain English it is filled with things you don’t recognize.


“Is this seat taken?” a male voice asks, causing you to look up in surprise and right into his piercing steel grey eyes.


“Only by you,” you say, your voice sounding steadier than you feel. You tuck the strand of hair you were playing with behind your ear.


He chuckles and sits, “You look nice tonight, Rosalie.” He picks up his menu and looks through it. He seems completely at ease compared to your jitteriness.


“Thank you, Zander, but please call me Rose,” you blush, thankful he isn’t looking at you and you hide behind your menu when he looks up.


“How about Roza,” he suggests. You peek over and you meet his gaze and instantly you feel the pull of his gaze. And soon you are pulled deeper and deeper till you reach what could only be his soul. On exterior he seems intimidating, but looking into his soul you can see he isn’t at all as he seems. You instantly relax more and he smiles, “Do you know what you want, Roza?”

You shake your head and free yourself from his captive gaze. “Um…no…I’m not very familiar with the options on the menu.” You concentrate harder willing yourself to recognize something but you don’t.


He smiles, “How about I order for you?” You nod and lower your menu and looking into his eyes again. You travel to his soul slower this time and see all the different feelings he has at this point in time. You see that he’s nervous and uncertain if you are right for him, but more important to him is that he’s right for you. As you delve deeper you see that he knows he’s not a perfect man, but he also knows no one is perfect. The farther you go the more you see how sweet he is and you start to fall in love with him. At the core of his soul is what means the most to him, you are very nervous as to what it will be. When you reach there you see that family is what keeps him grounded and means everything to him.


“Ma’am would you like another glass?” a voice brings you back to the surface. You look at him and he looks a bit impatient and you wonder how long he had been asking.


“Um...Yes please. Thank you,” you answer with a meek smile. He nods and quickly walks off.


“Are you alright, Roza?” Zander asks, a note of concern in his voice. You look at him nodding, seeing through his soul he is falling for you.


You sit there through dinner talking and laughing with Zander. This is the most fun you have and it all started with a trip to his soul. He seems to have taken the same trip and you don’t normally let people that far. You realize that the right person always has a key to your soul.

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