Bear Problem

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short Story for A Werewolf's Vampire's, Human's Life. Intel, Teddy, Sony, and Naru go hunting during the six months that Intel is in Texas.

Bear Problem
Short story for A Werewolf Vampire Human’s Life
“Intel slow down!” Naru yelled, running behind Teddy, Sony, and me. Her breathing sounded ragged.
“You need the practice! You never know what will happen,” I yelled back at her. My breathing was fine along with Teddy’s and Sony’s. They were on my flanks. We were hunting and I wanted bear. I could have handled a bear alone, but since I’m Alpha I have to have an escort (besides it was just so much fun picking on Naru who always insisted on coming).
“Why can’t we just get deer?” Naru whined for the millionth time in the past half hour every time we passed a herd. Sheesh for a werewolf who is supposedly older than me she sure acts like a two year old.
“Cause I want bear you whelp,” I said, looking over my shoulder and giving her the ‘you ask one more time I’m gonna kill you’ look. I made a mental note to bring my favorite weapon-a frying pan-to beat my brown furred beta when she was being like this.
“I say we leave her behind. I can run faster so can Sony. Can’t you?” Teddy said to me looking over at Sony who gave a nod, “How about you?”
“Tempting. Oh so tempting,” I said. “But we can’t.” I then caught scent of what we were looking for and yelled, “Come on!”
When we got up close I saw the top of its head and I could tell it was huge. I knew it was going to be messy. My blonde fur back to the frying pan markings that resided on both sides of my ribs was going to be covered in bear blood.
“This is going to be fun!” Teddy said, excitedly.
“Oh yeah!” Sony agreed full-heartedly.
“Can’t wait,” Naru moaned.
We all crouched and crawled closer. “Get ready. Set.” I whispered. When went a couple more steps then, “GO!”
We ran at the creature. Of course it being a bear, a male bear at that, he kept his ground as we ran at him. Teddy, Sony, and I in our wolf forms were just as big as the bear in front of us. Unfortunately for Naru hers was the size of a small wolf.
Our strategy was to wear the bear out before we actually attacked. This kept us so we could easily kill it without getting hurt. The bear seemed content to chase Naru; apparently she was small enough for him to call a food source. He didn’t even bother us and we were laughing at the so called ‘tough’ wolf. When she tired him out enough to kill Teddy and Sony grabbed the shoulders while I grabbed the neck.
When the deed was done I looked at Naru, “See…What did I tell you? You never know what will happen.” I looked myself over and my prophecy of being covered in blood was correct. “We will take turns carrying the bear…Well all except Naru.”
“Yes!” Naru said, obviously thinking it was because I was thinking over her.
“But know that it isn’t for your sake I said that. It’s because I don’t trust you,” I growled at her.
“Humph,” she said, holding her head up high. I snapped at her and she instantly lowered it.
“I will carry first,” Sony offered.
“Alright,” I agreed.
We started back to the den. Every ten minutes we would switch though we only needed to carry it once each since it took a half hour to get back. Teddy was carrying it when we got back.
The first to greet us were Sayen and Willie. “Hey guys!” Willie called, shaking his white coat.
“Looks like the hunt was successful,” Sayen said, nodding towards the bear.
“Yep,” I said, smiling at our best night watch since her fur was pure black. Sayen and Willie were pretty much Yin and Yang. They were total opposites, but they were perfect mates.
We walked farther into the area and we were surrounded by the rest of the pack of two hundred. I took my choice: the heart and liver. Naru got second and I watched her to make sure she didn’t take too much. She was followed by Teddy and Sony. Next came Nahuel. He was the one I always left in charge when I ran an errand and had to take Naru with me.
When he went to sit down Naru sat by him and when he tried to move she moved with him. It was like she thought they were mates. This happened pretty much every night and I could tell he was getting sick of it. I felt bad for the guy.
I stopped eating and called over to him, “Hey Nahuel come over and eat by me!” When Naru started to follow I growled, “Not you Naru.” And she stopped dead in her tracks.
Nahuel settled himself next to me. “Thanks,” he said.
“No problem,” I replied. We ate in silence for a few minutes. “I have been hoping someone would challenge Naru for beta,” I hinted.
“Don’t count on me doing it,” he said.
“Why not?”
“Cause…I don’t know really.”
“You can tell me,” I said. Nahuel was someone who I would not mind being my beta other than my twin sister Kat, who was not a werewolf, or my husband Dex, who also wasn’t one.
“Well I don’t know why, by my brain is telling me I have to ask permission from the alpha if I can challenge the one who changed me,” he said.
“She changed you?” I asked and he nodded. “Of course you have my permission! You can even rip her to shreds and bury her for all I’d care,” I said giving him exactly what he needed. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m heading off to bed.” I got up, stretched, and went to my ledge.
The End

Submitted: September 03, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Intel. All rights reserved.

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