Momentary Love Affair

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when signals mix with drinks and a dash of hormones.

Submitted: September 23, 2008

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Submitted: September 23, 2008



She was intoxicated. To put it into true perspective, she was completely fucking blitzed, yet she continued to drink. She wouldn't be satisfied until the grimey floor met her face and she was wrapped in the warmth of pure black velvet. Consciousness was not an option.

She spotted another victim at the opposite end of bar. Tall - or average, white - or hispanic, and beautiful small(?) eyes. Didn't matter. She made eye contact and bashfully looked away, not giving a goddamn if he was deaf, dumb, and retarded. All she needed was another eight dollars and she'd be knocking on her heaven's door. The simple gesture worked and soon enough the young middle-aged manboy was making his way through the thick crowd to her naked side.

She leaned against the bar, her arms laying comfortably in a puddle of various beers, and waited patiently, a sly smirk playing on her thick lips. She wiggled her hips a little, lengthening her torso and giving her thick middle a deceptive look of shapeliness and definition. Her eyes lowered as he neared her, her swooping bang and dim lights giving her an overall sense of demure and confidence she hardly possessed.

He leaned in next to her, his body mocking her position. His shoulder rubbed hers and sent a charge through her body, pulling her from her buzz. Slightly annoyed she finally looked at him and felt the world shift a hard right without her permission. Her eyes widened briefly and she was righted in time to take in bright blue eyes and plush pink lips. She smirked. If there was one thing to her credit, the girl could handle. It wasn't until she'd met her own point of ecstasy on the other side of the black that others would know she'd been plastered for most of the night. This stranger had no idea just how close he'd been to picking her ass up off the floor.

She didn't realize she'd been staring until he shifted uncomfortably and pulled at his Yankee fitted. His nervous giggle provoked one from her own throat, her eyes still never leaving him. He was a rather simple looking guy, but something about him had her positively captivated. She suddenly didn't want the drink anymore.

"Say something," she nearly whispered, blinking slowly. He had to strain to hear her, the words registering without repetition a moment or two later. He smirked openly, a bright and pronounced canine slipping into view. She was making him squirm. Not a first with her. She normally enjoyed the control, but disturbingly she almost felt she was being tugged at the same time. He looked away nervously, then looked her in the eye nearly causing her to physically jump back. He sensed her tension and leaned in, feeding it and making her stomach burn with nerves.

His lips lightly brushed her ear as he said, "Something." She turned away, her skin flushing and prickling everywhere. She chuckled nervously and brushed away the bang from her eye, only for it to fall right back into place. She looked back at him in time to see him licking his lips. The sight whet another appetite within her that she'd been suppressing for quite sometime and she sighed audibly, then smirked, her eyes narrowing once more. Now there was something else she wanted, almost needed from this young man.

She dramatically lifted her body from the bar and leaned against her right elbow. Her right foot stepped up onto the small platform, her left planted inward, pushing out her hip and taking away any possible attention to her stomach. She rested her head in hand and stared at him intently. His eyes followed the pattern she demanded him to; eyes, lips, neck, breasts, hand, hip. He caught himself rounding her hip to catch a glimpse of her ample, but modest ass.

"You here alone?" he asked, his tongue flickering back out of his mouth as his eyes stayed below her belt. She chuckled a little loudly, breaking him from the trance. He laughed with her, unsure of the silent punchline.

"No, I'm not. My friends are over there." She extended an arm past his peripheral, gracefully pointing at a crowd he was not interested in viewing.

"Mm, not friends, beautiful," he replied. She licked her lips and his jaw hesitated. "Your man here?" She shook her head slowly, her bangs falling further into her face. She brushed them aside, closed her eyes, and licked her lips before answering.

"Don't have one to leave behind," she said gently. He smiled heartily, perfect white teeth on display. He stood from the crouched position and neared her even more. She didn't move away, so he accepted the silent invitation to lay a hand on her hip.

"You gon' let me buy you a drink?" She raised an eyebrow and a corner of her mouth.

"No objection," she said playfully raising a hand.

She spent the rest of the night physically attached to him in some way. Whether his arm sat loosely around her waist or her breast was lightly brushing against him she made sure they were always touching in the most insignificant but terribly intimate ways.

Conversation was kept light, nearly juvenile. They were both in stages of inebriation that left them vulnerable to spilling more than intended. So they tip-toed around each other, afraid to ask even the simplest of questions. An inquiry about age may lead to a discrepency that neither was comfortable with. Career prodding may lead to shallow reactions or suppressed distaste. And just about anything could lead to family issues, broken hearts, and unclaimed children.

It was best to keep it to cracking immature jokes and buying more alcohol. And it worked long enough to last call.

To mark the end of the evening, he purchased a shot for each of them. She chose Dr. McGillicuddy's to avoid gagging, he Jack to further his current blurriness. They managed the rickety stairs without much injury and met the bottom of the steps in a heap of giggling mess. She pressed herself against the far wall, her hand on the exit door holding her body up. Her eyes closed and her brain did a 360, causing her head to fall forward. She chuckled at herself and bit her bottom lip, nearly forgetting completely about the young man in front of her.

"Damn, you sexy as hell," he mumbled. Her eyes popped open to see him staring at her wide-eyed and eager for a kiss. She giggled again and put a hand on his chest, his heavy jacket bulking him moreso than before. As he leaned in, more patrons began the descent of the stairs and she suddenly pulled at his coat, dragging him outside behind her and into the cold.

The drastic change sobered them both up briefly, but the young man wasted no time. His hands were at her thick waist, pulling her body on his, and his lips were on hers, his tongue hardly waiting for an open, inviting mouth to let itself in. Her head swam about her and for the first time in a long time she wasn't sure of the cause. Her arms felt like lead, but she managed her fingertips to his cheeks, a day-old beard pricking her flesh.

His kiss was hungry but gentle and caused her vagina to wake up from a hibernation she'd forced upon it since . . . She pulled away, both of them breathless and giggling inanely. She stared at his mouth as they exchanged puffs of condensed air, her fingertips carressing his lips with fascination. Such a small mouth, but it had brought her soul to its knees. Her other hand dove into his jeans' pocket and searched out his cell phone. Before he realized she'd bypassed his hardening penis, she had his phone open and began dialing her own number.

She went through the usual routine of entering her number first but actually called her own phone in order to save his. Finishing the task, she snapped the phone shut and bit her lip to hide the smile of satisfaction. Visions of first dates, first fucks, and first fights played before her as she pushed the phone back into his pocket. He smirked back at her and briefly toyed with her mouth.

"You sure you don't have a man?" he asked, his voice husky with arousal.

"Mm, call me and you'll find out for sure," she purred. She pushed her mouth against his, tasting him briefly once more before walking away.

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