True Intentions

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a conscious decision to pay the price.

Submitted: September 23, 2008

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Submitted: September 23, 2008



Losing your mind buys you a new freedom that is incomparable to being sound. Taria wondered just why she hadn't thought of this earlier.

She stood up and straightened her skirt, idly wiping her hands of the sticky liquid on her clothing that was drenched with the same substance. Her heart continued to beat a mile a minute, her breathing racing right after. She stopped and looked around, admiring her handy work. Everyone would agree; she definitely lost it this time.

She'd snapped before, flashes of black entering her vision at a relentless pace and blinding her judgement, her fury nearly unbridled. This time she found the secret to unleashing it completely. No one would ever use her again. No one would ever hurt her again. Especially him.

He trembled in front of her, his eyes wide with disbelief. His legs kicked out in front of him as he pushed further against the wall, the need to get away clouding his common sense.

"It's what you wanted, isn't it?" she asked, still desperately trying to catch her breath. "My heart, my soul. Me."

He whimpered and shook his head no fervently.

"I tried to give you all I could but it wasn't enough," she continued, stepping closer to him. His lips peeled back as more tears fell. His sniffling was pissing her off. "Then I realized just why it wasn't." She stopped an inch from his toes, his legs tired of fighting the inevitable.

She smiled at him warmly as her long delicate fingers peeled back the layers of flesh in her abdomen. With the deftness of a medical student, she reached in and down, hesitating for a moment before ripping out a small fist of muscle and blood. She tossed the pear-shaped organ into his lap and he threw up to his side.

A single tear fell from her eyes as she cracked open her ribcage with what little strength she had left. Weak and struggling her heart song carressed his ears and he could no longer deny his base urge. He quickly rose from the floor, her womb slapping the tile with a sickening thud, and approached her dying body. He took hold of her waist, his clothing instantly soaked in her fluids, and pulled her to him. Her dead weight failed to throw off his balance. He felt empowered now.

"I loved you," he whispered close to her ear. She shuddered.

"But no more," she finished for him, matter-of-factly. He neither agreed nor denied her words. He simply slid down to her chest and sunk his teeth deep into her thudding heart before it stopped forever.

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