Aliens attacking my town

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In this story a boy called Naqi will tell that one day he woke and he saw everyone in the town is a robot because of the aliens.

Submitted: December 12, 2008

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Submitted: December 12, 2008




Last week the winters started.I bought an electrical blanket.So before going to sleep I put the blanket to charge and spread it over me.On the next morning I went to brush my teeth and then I went downstairs for breakfast.I saw everyone of my family working like a robot.

I got suprised.I went out and I saw what is going on.When I went outside home I saw everyone working like a robot.Then I really got suprised that what is happening in the whole town.I thought to see in T.V that what is happening in the town.
When I switched on the T.V on the news channel I saw the newsrepoter talking like robot.But still I saw an alien spaceship in my town.

I understood that everyone is a robot except me.I also understood that why the aliens can't turn me into a robot because the alien magnetic waves can't touch me because of the electrical blanket.It protected me.Then I said"I must go and stop the aliens.In T.V i got to know that there is a button on the spaceship.If I could press it the whole mankind could return to their normal attitude."
I acted like a robot and went to the spaceship.When I entered the spaceship acting like a robot silently I saw all the aliens laughing.I still found the switch.I ran towards the switch and pressed it.The aliens were saying "What is this robot doing."The mankind returned to their normal attitude but the aliens caught me.

The whole people gathered in the spaceship with knives,guns,sticks and more.The aliens got scared.They left me.Pushed all the people back  and went back t Mars.The eople put me on their shoulders and were saying HERO OUR NEW HERO

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