Three greedy friends

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In this story there were three friends.They found a treasure box.They kill each other for the treasure.

Submitted: December 12, 2008

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Submitted: December 12, 2008



Once upon a time there lived three friends called Johnson,Samon, and Keff.they were very good friends.One day they were going talking on a beach suddenly the Johnson felt something really hard under his feet.He said "Hey guys something hard is under the beach sand.lets dig and see what is under it."

They all started digging and suddenly they found something hard.When they saw it after taking it out they saw a big treasure box.When they opened it they saw a lot of treasure and gold in it.Then they took it at Keff's house because it was near.

When they reached keff's house Keff said"Guys lets go to the backyard and open the treasure"They took the treasure at the backyard.Then Samon said "Keff we both are thirsty so could you bring 2 cup of water for us."Keff replied "Yes!"he went to bring water.

At the kitchen.Keff puts water at glass and says "wait!I could put poison in this water.Johnson and Samson wil die and the whole treasure will be mine."He puts poison in water and takes water towards Johnson and Samon.Samon whispers to JOhnson"hey I Have a knife I cold kill Keff with this"First Samon and Johnson took the water from Keff and then quickly Samon killed Keff with knife.

Samon  put the knife back on his pocket and was saying "the treasure is our"Johnson quickly took the knife out from Samon's pocket and killed him.Then He said "Yess the treasure is mine.but first I have to drink water"After Johnson drank the water he died because of the poison

So the moral of the story is to never be greedy.

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