World maths contest

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There was a boy who was 11 years old living in pakistan . A message came about a maths contest held in england of the children of 11 age from the world.

Submitted: December 11, 2008

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Submitted: December 11, 2008



There was a boy named Naqi who was 11 years old.He lived in Pakistan. One day his father Azhar was watching T.V news.he suddenly saw coming in the news that there is a contest held.  The news reporter was saying " There is a contest of Maths held in England.It  is an open contest for every child of 11 years old.Any intelligent child in Maths of the whole world could enter this contest.  Don't forget to bring your last result of Maths Because we have to first check it for your entry.Even bring atleast 5 certificates of Maths you gained."My father said"Naqi come here.Hurry up!."He came runnung and asking"What happend dad?" His father said "There is a free entry of a maths contest held in England.Entry is that your age should be of 11.You should atleast bring certifaicates earned in Maths.And also bring your last result in Maths."Naqi said"yessssssssssss!I could enter this contest.My age is 11, I have earned more than 9 certificates in Maths.My last year Maths result was also excellent.\"\"" His father said "really.Then I will take a ticket of England of tommorows flight."Later on they heard on T.V that "The entry  is until the next 3 days.And the contest will be held in London after a week.So hurry up and enter this great contest." Though my mother was not in home. Than when my father took the tme of flight so it was from 2:15 pm tomorrow.We went on an aeroplane and reach London In about 8 hours. First we booked a hotel room to live.First we slept. Then the next day I and my father went to register.We showed the certificates and result to the  maths contest entry taker.When he saw the result he registered me for the contest.I said excitedly"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!I qualified."My father also got happy.Then he bought me some books for maths contest.The next two days I studied.The thhird day when I was studing my friends  phone call came and I attended it.He said"HEY are you.Do you remember me."I said"Who are You."He answered "NAqi its me .Jack."I said "hey Jack How are  you phau?"He answered "I am fine.Naqi  do you know about the contest of MAths?You know what I am entering it."I said "Yeah!I am entering it to."He said "really"I said "yes" Those continued chating. Naqi worked hard for the contest.

 Now it was the day when the contest started.

First Round

It was quite easy.Naqi qualified.

Round 2,3,4 and 5


Naqi  qualified that round easily.

Semi Final

Naqi saw Jack is also in that round.It was a buzzer and Naqi was with Jack.The first question 47 + 786-973+5555 * 3

Naqi  gave the answer much quickly than Jack.Some more question were given.The round ended .The judges gave the final score.`Naqi was leading by 11 points.He qualified for the finals.

Final Round

Naqi vs Ben.Very tough question were given.20 questions were given.But still the score was same.The decision by the judges was that is gonna be a golden question which will be a buzzer question.Who ever gives the correct answer will win. the question was 67866-7855*2+8786-10000*4+86543453-656

Quite tough.

Both thinking but ben said quickly by pressing the buzzer "87018028"The judge said Naqi you have 10 seconds to tell the answer.The audience started couting backwards 10!9!8!7!6!5!4!3!2! Naqi quickly siad the answer is 87018029.the judge came on stage and said "anouncing the winner.the winner is NAQI."Naqi Got happy and glad.he recieved a big prize from England president.

His parents were very happy.

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