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He didn't know how much she loved her. And she didn't know how much he cared...

Submitted: June 14, 2010

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Submitted: June 14, 2010



"Jason.  Jason wait."  she practically lunged for him as he walked through the front door.  He was leaving.  Maybe for a few days, or maybe for a few months.  "Either way," she thought "he won't come back for my love."

She turned to her guest, trying to keep the tears from spilling over and to keep the tremble out of her voice.  "I think... it's time for you to go."She held her hand out to the door as she waited for the man to leave.

Once he left, there was nothing stopping her from running up to her bedroom, curling into a ball and crying her eyes out.  But there was one thing she had to do. 

She went into her kitchen and opened up a 5 year supplies worth of wine.  She carefully choose three bottles from her stash.

By the time she made it to her room she had already finished half a bottle.  She sat the other two on her bed while she went into her bathroom. 

She rummaged through two or three drawers before finding what she wanted... a razor.

Once she found it she held it in her hand for a minute before going back into her room.  She sat it gentely beside her one and only picture of Jason on her nightstand.  She would wait for him for a few days.  But if he didn't come...

She didn't want to think about that now.  He would come and sweep her off her feet, just like he had in highschool at prom.

Instead she chugged the rest of her half empty bottle and opened another one.  She had finished all three by the time she fell asleep.

When she woke up the next morning she went down to her kitchen and slowly emptied her wine cabinet taking each bottle up to her room.  Then curling back up in the sheets on her bed.

She finished all but one bottle by noon the next day.  She had decided she had waited for him long enough.  It was time.

She got out of bed and sat criss-crossed on the floor.  She turned and picked up the razor, the unopened wine bottle, and the picture of Jason.  She took Jason's picture out of the frame and laid it on the floor across from her.  She then picked a piece of paper and a pen from her nightstand drawer, and wrote a small note that she clenched in her hand.

She opened the wine bottle and dumped half of it onto the picture of Jason and poured the rest into her mouth.  Once she swallowed she picked up the razor, "To us!" she said and dragged the razor across her wrists.  "Goodnight."  was her last word.

Jason came back to apologize four days after the 'incident'.  He walked right through the front doors which was odd since Jessica always locked the front door.  He looked around.  "Jess?  Jessica?"

He finally made a way up to her room.  When he saw her...A gasp was all he could manage before his eyes filled with tears.

When he called the cops he was in the middle of hysterical sobs.  He was surprised they could even understand him, but sure enough there they were taking her body away, when a piece of paper showed between her thumb and index finger.  "Wait!"

They instantly stopped moving her and let him through.

He carefully opened her fingers as if he were afraid that she would break and completly ignoreing the blood smuges on her.  She looked like a porclin doll with red paint on her.  Slowly he pulled out the bloodstained piece of paper and unfolded it.  Once he read it he fell to his knees.  She did this because of him.  That would explain the empty wine bottle and the water spotted picture.  One of the officeres grabbed it out of Jason's hand and read it into a tape recorder.

"Cheers to us!"

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