Check Mate.....

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You shall lose....

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Note: this poem of mine was also published in the site called Newsgrape......just for your information 'from hell with love' and 'silent speaker' were also posted under the same pen name.......-Inti

In that unusual maze of life

I strived to live and I thrived

But it was you who harbored the misconception

That you’ll somehow overrule my jurisdiction

Like always, I played simple

Commencing with the pawn, so mere, yet against you….quite ample

You proved your absurdity by putting the horse at stake

I knew within no time it’d be swimming in your blood lake

How imprudent you were to have your overconfidence interfere

How wrong you were to have thought yourself to be superior

Your eyes clearly reflected your irrationality

But you presumed that your veil of self-assurance would topple me

You were wrong……..merely a fool in my land

For I decide my rivals’ fates and their destruction dwells in my hand…….

I briskly wore my treacherous facade

Accordingly, you were trapped in my masquerade

In my mind, I was laughing at your idiocy

For then, I saw your wrecked future vividly

“You had to die…..”

In that very game, you had no where else to hide

I saw your confidence wreck

As I was crowning myself and rejoicing my fate

I crumpled your king

I shot down all of your subjects……lousy things

You cried like a madman

Raving for achievement

But not considering your opponent’s strength

Lead to such disastrous faith

You ended……just like that

But there I was labeling you with a loser’s tag

Yes, I did see the hatred and the sprouting rage

Nevertheless, mercilessly I did spit on your face, “CHECK MATE!”

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