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Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



Note: This poem had been published earlier in my page of'll find some of my Newsgrape work in My Links.......But, I noticed that people don't usually visit that part of the page and thus I posted it here....Please read and comment...i'll appreciate that.....-Intifar

Today like a lunatic I’m staring at the moon

Well, that’s the only thing I can see despite the darkness

I never knew I’ll be leaving so soon

Cold and unaided, without your forgiveness

The darkness is gobbling me up

As if commencing my end

Like I’m destined to abolish....I am my bad luck

But believe me I don’t fear entering the death land

My apprehensions are now meaningless

I don’t want to lose you

But tell me, who has the strength to refute destiny….I’m helpless

I wish you could comprehend my feelings…… all inexpressible and new

I am here today, like a pathetic loser

Craving just for your condolence

But why is it that you never care?

Am I that invisible?

I’m waiting for death reluctantly

Nevertheless, you choose to remain ignorant

I don’t know how I’m living every moment so merely

In spite of all the agony I am all rational and silent

The storm within me is too hard to bear

It’s crumpling my soul

Forcing me to surrender

Compelling me to believe that my affections are foul

Do I deserve such an end?

It’s not much of a sin that I have committed

I just longed for you… least as a friend

Instead, all I received is no less that hatred

Tomorrow, I’ll no more exist

Not that you care much

I’ll go away somewhere uncharted…..I can no longer persist

But I’ll love you for eternity….as such

The moon is sneering at me

Proclaiming my failure

Cursing me like I’m a sinner

It’s very hard to endure

I want to cry out loud

So that even you can hear

Will you come along to embrace me for the last time?......that I doubt

With these thoughts I’m heaping up my fears

But if you ever learn about my feelings

I wish you’ll at least pay my grave a visit

For then I no longer will belong to your world, your beings

I hope you consider it

I don’t have the strength to say goodbye

You see, I’m prohibited to see you

My faith has decided such a punishment for me

Through all these pain, it’s hard to endeavor and live through

I am leaving forever

Don’t worry; you won’t see me from tomorrow

I’m sorry that I wanted us to be together

I’m so very sorry for loving you………

Please forgive this sinner if you can……..

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