Prison Bars and Broken Ribs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This will give you a bit of insight to who I am.

There are few things that get me through my day.

Having to look in the mirror and see the shell I've been put in,

A prison with the wrong name written on it,

I have to tell myself and force myself to believe that it'll be worth it,

Because when they use the name written on your prison file,

And they look at your cell and assume it's home,

They're talking about the fantasy girl that they made up in their heads from your birth,

When the Doctor said "it's a girl",

From the moment they decided on their version of your fairytale,

Marked the moment that you started your struggle,

They thought they could write your happily ever after,

Paint it pink and wrap it with a bow,

Even though you would cry out they would cut you off with

"That's a boy's hair cut"

"Those are boy's clothes"

"That's a boy's toy"

"You're not a boy; Grow. Up."

And you'd scream back "I AM A BOY!!"

But like the whos in whoville you werent' heard until you got help,

You weren't heard until your cries were affrimed by someone deemed sane,

Cause to them:

You weren't...


So you see,

When I have to wake up every day in this cell,

With the key so far out of reach,

It gets impossible to see any light at the end of my tunnel,

Except the train heading at my hope full force,

And while patience is a virtue,

I'm the boy slowly crushing my rib cage,

Hoping someday they'll be so fragile that my heart can beat hard enough to break through,

Then people will see ME.

Submitted: July 15, 2013

© Copyright 2022 InTransIt. All rights reserved.

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That's really amazing and inspiring. A really emotional and heartfelt piece of writing. Keep up the awesome work :)

Mon, July 15th, 2013 4:28am


Thank you so much!

Mon, July 15th, 2013 9:10am

James Collins

Wonderfully written! I know your pain and for me, it'll be worth it. It's a journey to not only make us physically stronger and happier, but mentally and emotionally too. You're a wonderful writer!

Sun, November 10th, 2013 7:40pm

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