The she that she be

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Read on my dear, find my thoughts of the she that she be

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012





Most minds see beauty but what I see is quite the difference,


She has been reason for many deaths,

Those who see beauty but not the many of reasons she has been others death,

But those poor, poor people thought that their ways to cross her was invincible,

She has whipped many into a whirling trap of waves,

There was no escape for those stuck because she was death,

They denied her strength but she would not let that take place.


She has frozen up,

And their ways of crossing her were again denied,

The side of their ways scratched and scarred bringing on she,

She gave them no longer then they were granted,

They wouldn’t believe the horror given them by she,

And so by the time she was giving their last thoughts is was far too late.


She had taken them on, on there battle,

But they couldn’t defy the strength she beheld and they had to let go,

Their ways became nothing but an insult,

She let their last breath be and she let them slip from the she that she be,

Their screams became muddled from what she is,

Their last dying thought let it be free.


She let them lay in the way that she be,

Showing all who dared to take a glance the power she welds,

The bodies becoming proof of her living horror of strength,

She knows she has her glory yet she won’t back down,

Others know she lives to be glory but only when they become her proof,

The living she let the Titanic know fear for their way as Titanic was indeed not invincible. 

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