The Other Side Of The Door

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This is about a girl who runs away from home. She doesn't know where to go, but just keeps walking. She enters upon a street that looks pretty much deserted. She goes into the first empty house she finds...

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



She stood gazing at the dilapidated house while the rain poured down all around, making her long brown hair stick to her head. The cold air enveloped the body she owned causing a shiver to ripple through her. Amelia turned to the left seeing other houses further down the road. A disbelieving look situated itself upon her face when she saw that the other houses also looked abandoned, just like the one she was standing in front of.

That house felt different to Amelia than the other houses did, as though a fishing line had hooked itself into her flesh and was ever so slowly pulling the line and catch in, like a lion waiting for its pray to take just that step closer and become defenceless.

Hearing what sounded like branches crunching in the distance, she froze. The wind had definitely picked up and seemed to be hissing threats in Amelia’s ears. Eeriness became prominent in the musky air, surrounding the street like guard dogs. Her body stood motionless on the spot, listening for any sort of commotion. Once again faint rustling sounds could be heard. Amelia tried to even just turn her head slightly but her body would not respond to a request or any for that matter. Finally gaining enough power over her brain she managed to convince it to turn around for better or for worse.

At first nothing could be seen but dying trees and old houses, due to the fact that light was so scarce. Finally after focussing as much as possible an outline of a shape appeared. The shape was not human that much was clear. The creature stalked slowly towards her on all of its four legs. Seeing it clearly, she no longer felt like her heart was in her mouth.

The black cat stopped a few metres short of Amelia’s leg, with curiosity in its eyes. She stuck out her hand towards the cat. It came nearer but not without caution, then stayed there for a moment its yellow and black eyes wide. The cat sniffed her hand then to Amelia’s utter surprise licked it. She gradually pulled her hand away from the cat, and then turned around once again facing the old house. It felt as though ice had replaced her spine and she shivered at its coldness. Amelia had never seen or been inside a house like that one before.

The structure of the house seemed to sway in the breeze that was now forming. The building was set on three floors, and also sat next to what looked to be a garage. You could tell with just a glance that this was not a modern day house, since it held features of an old Victorian building. It may have look terrifyingly scary, but here and there you could pick out things that a long time ago would have made it beautiful, hypnotizing even. There were a great quantity of windows on the house. All looked as though they had been painted black. Some windows were also broken and lying on the ground.

You could see that the outside if the house was once a light red colour, but now looked almost grey. There was also a patch here and there that was turning black. Cracks had been forming all around the house for what looked to be a long time. The fence was perched in front of the long over grown grass that had to be about a metre long. The gate was incredibly rusty with bits of paint peeling off here and there. You could still tell though at some points of its life it had been painted black, with grey on the speared tips on the top of the fence.

Amelia looked towards the other houses once more, wishing that she had the determination to walk to another house down the road. That was because the other houses didn’t seem as scary as the one she was looking at. Amelia had been walking for a long time however, so her legs were as wobbly as jelly making it hard to stand never mind walk. Some might ask why she was even walking in the first place. Well that answer is simple. She was running away from her abusive father and just life in general. That house was the first she came upon that was empty, so she had to let go of her alarm and face what was on the other side of the door.

Lifting the handle on the gate then pushing it open with all her might, she managed to slide through. The gate was pulling hard against her force, trying to close itself back to its original place. Amelia would have just let go of the gate but her furry friend suddenly decided it wanted to follow her inside, so she kept it open inviting it into the shadows of the garden.

Being inside of the gate made Amelia realise that there was actually a concrete path that led up to the house. The path was buried deep beneath the over flowing grass. Step by step making sure she didn’t fall in the grass in case it swallowed her whole, she finally made it to the creaking porch.

Her feet refused to take another step once she was on the porch. It was only complete fear that stopped them. The door that Amelia’s full vision was place on was huge, it towered over her like a sky scrapper. The door was encrusted with white roses that had green jagged stalks pouring out. The handle was round and painted a copper shade.

The arm attached to her left hand side no longer felt like part of her shaking body. Amelia lifted her numb arm which now felt like all blood had been drained from it, and then carefully turned the loose handle. She heard the door make a clicking noise when she turned it giving her the indication that it was open.

Amelia peeked around the door, but not without hesitation. On the other side of the door was just darkness. The light switch was neither on nor could be found. Having no choice, she bravely stepped into what would be a very long nightmare one that would never be told through her lips or anyone else’s...

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