Close Enough

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This is a poem, about never being good enough for anything or anyone.

Submitted: April 03, 2014

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Submitted: April 03, 2014



Close enough


When asked what you saw in me

You just smiled and pulled me in

close enough for me to see the various shades of brown in your eyes

close enough for me to hear your heartbeat

close enough for me to feel your breath lightly brush up against my skin like an artists brush glides across an empty white canvas, bringing life to it the same way your breath brought life to me

Close enough to hear you softly whisper



More than sometimes I gave my all

Constantly riding the infamous roller coaster of emotions

in a world that’s nothing but the trembling of a flare.

So I sit spinning still,

round and around and round and around like the daunting hands of time on a clock

Traveling at the oh so fast speed of


Time that decays my structure made up of cells

woven together like the threads of a constantly worn sweater

Some threads fine

Others damaged


Close enough


Their words

chains of lead

wrapped around the heart

Constantly weighing down on my mind


Their wit makes such wounds

Their words; freshly sharpened knives

lost inside each time they enter the soul

Deep into the wounds that never get a chance to heal over

Just like Robin Hood, their shots never miss

Always on target; never solely close enough


Grinding the gentle spirit of my meek attempts to amount to something

All into into a powdery abuse

Attempts to become good enough

to stand tall and pretty

remain smart enough

To smile despite all the pain

always close but never close enough

Never close enough to good

Never close enough to pretty

Never close enough to smart

Never close enough to befriend

Never close enough to love

Never close enough to being someone that everyone looked to for help, the way a young child looks at the eyes of their guardian angel with their innocent eyes that merely scream

help me

help me

help me


My life; A dream with a murderer running after you in a dark alley one in which you have no escape from and the moment you stop running, stop fighting, stop pushing though it

It grabs you by the heart and breaks it

into a million tiny pieces

and all you can do is watch it as if falls on the ground

and because you’re numb from all the pain and torture brought on by life,

putting a cast around the heart is never close enough to its original condition

Reality check:

Once your heart's been broken it grows back bigger


And that’s more than

Close enough



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