Is Death the Cure to procrastination?

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A question that all procrastinators should think about.

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



In ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’, Morrie Schwartz took the fact that he was going to die soon, and made the most out of it. In the time he knew about his death, Morrie did everything he could to take this negative fact and he turned it into something positive. Morrie even had held his own funeral because he thought ‘what good are funerals if the person who is gone, can’t hear it. Others most likely would not do such a thing.

Personally for me I certainly live life to the fullest, when at all possible and measure the quality of my life by moments, not days. If someone were to tell me right now, that I would die soon, I would definitely change. I would probably start off by doing things I’ve always wanted to try, rebel, and say everything that was on my mind, all without any regret. Basically I would make the last moments of my life, ones that when compared to the rest, would stand out like an adult in a room full of toddlers. Shouldn’t everyone do the same? Live their lives to the fullest while still being a good citizen and caring about those around you. Imagine a world where no one would procrastinate but instead give everything their all and still manage to live a full life. We’d certainly be tired but the thought of death would constantly serve as a reminder and push us to keep living.

Sure it’s easier said than some, and some people can’t do what other people are able to, but that doesn’t change anything.  Living life to the fullest isn’t and will never need to be the same for everyone. Those who enjoy sports should continue pursuing sports. Same goes for people who like to play musical instruments. Whatever it is that a person enjoys doing, then that person should do that activity and enjoy every moment of it.

Another way someone can live their life to the fullest is taking risks and challenging one’s self. Life can be boring when the same things are done every day and there isn’t any excitement or change. Change is a good thing, even if seems scary at first. 

That brings back the question; ‘Is death the only cure for Procrastination?’ To stop procrastination, there needs to be some kind of motivation. For there to be motivation, there needs to be something or someone that will drive people to do their best and be the best that they could possibly be.  Some people have their family that motivates them. For others it may be their job or like for most people, money is a very powerful motivator. I believe that the thing that kept Morrie going was his love for education and positive outlook on life. For those who don’t have a family, have all the money they could ever need and think that they have all the time in the world, death might be the most effective and strongest cure to their procrastination.  In the end, death is something that everyone should use to motivate them, whether they’re young or old, it really is the only cure for procrastination.

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