It's Not Exactly What I Had In Mind...

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Pointless piece of writing I did. Just like everything else I write, really.

Submitted: May 25, 2011

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Submitted: May 25, 2011



“Look, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when you said we should ‘Go Adventuring’”
“Well... What did you expect us to do?”
“I don’t know... Something... More, Uh...”
“Industrial... I think.”
“Industrial? What the hell is that?
“I have no idea, I think I’m starting to slowly reach a level of boredom that brain cells can’t handle and suicide as a result... Can we PLEASE just go back to the warehouse?”
“Why? Isn’t this fun? No, never mind. We can go back.”
“What now?”
“I feel a little guilty, to be honest. You’re all pumped about this and I want to leave and go back to a warm, cosy place to sleep.”
“You never said anything about a warm, cosy place, you said you wanted to go back to the warehouse, that place is as dank and cold as you get in this city.”
“Oh well, it’s safer than down here, and I swear I just stood in something that told me to watch my step.”
“Yea? Why is that a problem?”
“Well... Bricks don’t normally talk, even less so than brick slurry.”
“What in gods’ name is ‘brick slurry’?!”
“It’s the resulting slurry you get from getting a lot of bricks and pounding them into dust and mixing it with mud.”
“... Really?”
“Wha- So why’d you say that then?”
“I had to come up with something; you were just going to get even angrier at me if I didn’t.”

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