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Submitted: January 12, 2009

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Submitted: January 12, 2009



ashley2 asked: What was Matt's first thought when he first saw Owen?
Seeing as this is based on a true story, and I couldn't possibly know this on my own, I deffered to Matt on this one lol here's what he said:

definitely his eyes. vibrantly green. and he was definitely hot, even though he looked like an idiot, drooling over me *haha* and it was pretty damn obvious he was a virgin, at least to guys, which was good, it meant he was safe [You'll find out more about this later-bekki]

ashley2 asked: What is Matt's family background?
Matt's mother, Antoinette, was a native Parisian who met Matt's father, David, when they both attended an arts school in Paris. Matt's grandparents died before he was born. He has a brother, Chris, who is five years older than him. When Matt was seven, his family moved to New York. Unfortunately, in December, soon after they had moved, Matt's parents died in a car accident. Matt and Chris stayed with an uncle until his death in January.
Matt and his brother then moved to Alberta to live with their cousin, Derek, who was their only living relative. Matt is currently 19 and Chris is 24. Chris is in jail for drug related charges and Matt no longer speaks to his cousin (you'll find out why in part 52).

babsxxx asked: When did matt see Owen as more than a friend?
This might sound kind of odd, but Matt never sees guys as just friends lol. But, when asked when he first thought he could be Owen's boyfriend, Matt said:

when he told me that he knew it wasn't just a fuck. [Part 18] and let me tell you, i wanted it to be. really. that's the way it always was and that was all i wanted. but damn, this boy didn't give up. but he was just so sweeet. and he was pretty much fucking up his life to give this a try. that had to mean something, right? he saw right through me, and well, the rest is history.

babsxxx asked: How did Matt feel after their first time and leaving Owen there?

as shitty as this sounds, it was just a fuck at that point. i expected him to go right back to his girlfriend and just leave me be. like he was curious, and he satisfied his urges. wouldn't be the first time that happened to me. so, i didn't have any qualms about just leaving that night. i didn't even use to "sleep" with my tricks, so that for me was weird. so i just booted it out and prepared for him to ignore me again.
but i think as soon as i left his house (out the window, so not fun) i missed him. then, i knew i was screwed :) so i had to tell him it meant nothing, because i was still convinced that that's what he wanted. holy fuck, that's a long answer. hope it clears that up.

babsxxx asked: How did he feel when he had to ignore Owen?
He kind of answered this above, but here's more:

he was actually really sweet. so it kind of sucked that i was losing a "friend" by ignoring him. but i didnt want to get close to him, i couldnt. [You'll hear more about this later]

kaylalebreton asked: Is it hard for Matt with his parents dead?
It was harder during his childhood (a lot of bad stuff happened, as you'll see more in later chapters). And he had to move around a lot, with Chris, who was trying to support them both at a very young age (17), thus turning to drugs and landing him in jail. Matt has some relationship issues (obviously) which stem from not having anyone that "loved" him while he was growing up. He doesn't talk much about his parents (we've been best friends since he was 13) but it gets hard around holidays, birthdays, etc (as you'll see later). Sorry for so many 'laters' but it's coming, I swear!

kaylalebreton asked: Does he mind Owen's parents?
From personal experience, I can say that his mom's a little....nuts, to say the least lol. But thanks to events coming up VERY SOON in the new chapters (55+), Owen's mom and step dad get closer to Matt and stop being so weird. Owen's dad, being introduced in the future, is just a dick and no one likes him lol.

HazelEyes12 asked: What did Matt think about Owen going away for two months that the story didn't tell us?

plain and simple: i thought it fucking sucked *haha* i had finally gotten used to having a boyfriend and then he has to leave for two months?! wtf. and i was absolutely convinced that he would fuck someone while he was there so i kinda really didn't want him to go. [As you'll read in chapters coming very soon, they aren't apart for two months... good? bad? You'll see!]

kaylalebreton asked: How does Owen feel about his friends making fun of him because he is gay?
Here's whatOwen said:

Just goes to show who your friends really are, huh? Brad was and is [I'm writing this story about 2 years after it actually happened]absolutely amazing about it. The other assholes, as I so affectionately call them, are just closed minded. I feel sorry for them. Just because I'm with a guy (I don't call myself gay, I don't like labels) doesn't make me a different person. Who I have sex with (amazing, mind blowing sex, by the by) doesn't have any effect on who I am as a person. Just because people are straight I'm not like "ewww, gross" and I appreciate people not saying that about my choices. I've made some newfriends who don't care about my orientation, and that's how I like it.
It was actually harder getting all the shit from my family because they're supposed to love me unconditionally, right? [I have to cut itoff here, because it's coming up in future segments!]

frosti asked: If Matt could go back to sleeping around with other guys, would he? Or would he stick with Owen?
This was a hard one to answer without telling too much stuff about the future, but here's what Matt said about how he felt as of Owen leaving for camp:

as of owen going to camp, i wouldn't have fucked around on him. i actually cared about him, so i could forgo sex, even though that would fucking suck! (this is going to sound so straigh-girl) but with him, i could actually feel the difference so i was willing to wait for that feeling instead of just fucking for the hell of it

frosti asked: Would Owen ever hide a secret from Matt if he knew the secret would really badly hurt him?

That's a hard one... It really depends what the secret was about. If it somehow affected our relationship, I would tell him. If it involved for example, one of his friends keeping something from him and I found out, I would want his friend to tell him. But I wouldn't lie to him. If he asked me straight out, I would tell him anything. [You're going to see Owen in the situation you described in a few chapters. We'll see what he did!]

King of Spring asked: Out of everything they ever did together, what is there most favorite?

Matt: i have to pick one?! well here's top five, not really in any order: 1. our first christmas together, 2. driving in the car with owen's fucking amazing grandma!, 3. prom night, definitely, 4. jumping in piles of fall leaves lol, 5. embarrassing/getting embarrased by owen's other grandma haha totally memorable

Owen: I like it when we're not actually really doing anything. Just lazy days, cuddling on the couch, watching boring TV, all that good stuff. One time, there was this book that he really liked but it was in French (and I pretty much suck at French) so we just spent the day lounging on the couch and he read it to me, that was cute. We've had a lot of special memorable moments together and I wouldn't change any of them.

frosti asked: If Matt/Owen was in trouble what would the other person do to save him from it? If they were being threatened by someone, with a gun or a knife, would the other person take the blow/bullet for them?

Matt: first, i would abso-fucking-lutely take the bullet for him. but i would do anything to help him. and one good thing about being a former man-ho *haha* is i got connects to coppers so i'd be sure to get him home safe. (and thanks for your well wishes, so sweet. and you'll get your man, you just gotta hold out for the right one)

Owen: Even though [censored censored censored] I would do absolutely anything to make sure he was okay. If that meant I had to die even, I would

frosti asked: Matt, when Owen chased after you, after you'd ditched him after sex, what did you think he was going to say? Were you scared at all?

'ditched him after sex' lol you make it sound so bad :P [read Matt's response to babsxxx's question above] but when he was like trying to talk to me and all that, i was expecting the whole "i'm not gay, it was a one-time thing, don't tell anybody" thing. the usual. and because that's what i thought, i wasn't scared, that was what i wanted at the time, so that would have been fine with me. when i really started freaking out when he started asking me about boyfriends [Part 18 ish]

frosti asked: Owen, when you chased after matt, after he'd ditched you after sex, did you know right then that he was the one?

Honestly, no. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I just knew that I had to give it a try. I mean obviously there was something that drew me to him and made me do what I did, so there had to be something "the one-ish" about him, right?

frosti asked: How come Owen didn't go to the gig with Matt instead of going to the prom?

Because it's PROM! You have to go lol Prom in our town is a big deal! It sucked that he wouldn't go with me, but I was going no matter what. We saw eachother later anyways, so that's what mattered. I don't think Matty could have survived a whole night of prom.

frosti asked: How come Matt didn't ask Owen to the prom?

because i'm a selfish bastard? i dont know lol honestly, it was only the first month we'd been together so i was still adjusting to the not fucking-and-chucking lifestyle. but i think my big declaration of love went over pretty well, eh?

frosti asked:What would you give up to be with the other person?

we both have already given up a lot for each other. but i'd give up just about anything

We already sacrificed a lot to be together, but I'd do that much and more all over again

frosti asked: Owen, doyou still have feelings for any girl, even if they are feelings you wouldn't act upon?

I wouldn't say "feelings" but occassionally, there's a hot girl/guy that catches my eye. We have a rule: you can look but don't touch

frosti asked: Matt, do youstill have feelings for any guy, even if they are feelings you wouldn't act upon?

ive never really had feelings for anyone but owen before, so thats a no. but there are some pretty yummy guys walking around and one can't help but look. no harm in that, i would never act upon it. its especially funny when me and owen are checking out the same guy :P

frosti asked: Owen, when Matt wouldn't talk toyou at the start, what was going through your mind?And did you know what your interest was in him?

I pretty much that he was being stuck up lol thinking that Cali people weren't as good as his Jersey friends. He was way different than anyone at our school. I thought at first maybe he was shy, but then he kept being sarcastic and elusive and then I realized "nope, he's just a dick" =] Haha
And I think I knew what I wanted from Matt, but didn't want to let myself believe that. I didn't really want to think of the consequences of wanting a guy, so I tried not to and just be his friend. (You can see how well that worked lol) But right from the start, I became like obsessed with him, so I think I was trying to get closer to him in any way possible, and it just happened to lead to sex

frosti asked: Matt, when Owen kept trying to talk to you at the start, what was going through your mind? Andwhen you saved Owen from the gay guy at your first gig, didyou really think he was straight?

like i said, the very first day i showed up, he was already drooling over me (pretty obviously not straight)so when he started to talk to me, i was just playing hard to get *hehe* i thought it was pretty much adorable that he was trying to hard. i secretly did some spying and found out he had a girlfriend, and that kind of sucked. and when seth (the guy at the club) hit on owen, the only thing i was thinking was "uh uh biotch, if anyone's gunna get owen, its gunna be me" *hehe*

King of Spring asked: When Megan pulled that stunt about Matt's past, do you ever think about the "what if?" Like... what if things never got patched up?

Right after we "made up" or whatever you want to call it, I thought about that alot actually. And when things started going really good for me and Matt, I was like "shit, what if I had believed Megan?" I try not to dwell on it because Iwe made up, but my life sure would be a hell of a lot different if I hadn't gone to see Matt that afternoon.

at the time, i thought that if owen wanted to believe her, then we didn't belong together after all. im sure i would have kept on fucking-and-chucking and being completely oblivious to how unhappy my life was :) but thanks to this persistent lil SOB *points to hot brunette next to me* we'll never have to find out

frosti asked: Owen, which do you think you liked being with the most: Matt or Megan? Why?

Megan, definitely *gets hit* Just kidding :) Looking back, I was really only ever with Megan because she was the hottest girl in school. I was one of the top guys in the school so it was just supposed to be that way: cheerleader and football player. Plus my parents totally loved her. But being with Matt wasn't to please my family or friends, it was to make me happy. And we share so much more than me and Megan ever did. Me and Matt actually talk about more important stuff than shopping trends and who's dating who :P Plus I was avoiding any kind of physical interaction with Megan, so that just goes to show how our relationship was for show.

frosti asked: Matt, when you kicked those guys out of your apartment when Owen came to apologize, what were they doing there?

good question lol and the stupidest of answers: i was just hanging out with some friends :P everyone needs a little friendly pick-me-up when they're in a bad mood

frosti asked: Owen, when Matt kicked those guys out of his apartment, what did you think they were doing there?

Hmmm, orgy? lol I wasn't really thinking much except "yay, Matt's forgiving me!" and "that black guy creeps me out" It's not like they were all undressed or anything, so I had no reason to think anything sketchy was going on.

frosti asked: Matt, how come you got all angry at Owen when you went for your AIDS checkup, and he was waiting for you in a caring way? And how come you had so many moodswings with him?

a really good friend and ex-lover of mine tested positive a few months prior and there was a big freak out. then some other guy i was sleeping with (i know, i was a whore) tested positive too and blamed me. so i went and got tested, and was negative. so when owen just assumed i was positive, that really hurt and just pissed me off because i'm super careful. and he was calling me on all my shit and i knew that i didnt want to fuck around anymore, and that was scary, so i just lashed out.
and i was moody because i was scared. owen was my first "real" boyfriend and that scared the crap out of me and i didnt know how to deal with it. i tried to push him away before he would just leave because he was bored with me

King of Spring asked: Why didn't Matt ever go to see a doctor? Was there a specific reason or just because?
I can't really let Matt say too much about this, because the next part is coming up really soon, but here's what he did say:

i had a pretty good idea of what it was, and sometimes it feels better just to ignore it and pretend its not happening

rainraingoaway asked: Matt, what are some of the romantic things Owen does?

god, where do i start? i'm pretty much a sucker for the cute stuff lol he really is the sweetest. some of the time, he brings me flowers just for no reason, i think that's really cute. and i love that even though we've been exclusive for so long, he still asks me on dates. like literally asks "do you wanna go on a date with me?" adorable. =] i don't know how he does it, but like MONTHS after i say something that i like or makes me happy, he always finds a way to do it for me. and just the way he looks at me and holds me, like i'm the most precious thing in the world

rainraingoaway asked: Owen, did you ever teach Matt to skate, like you said you would?

Oh, I definitely tried, but he's hopeless lol. It was cute seeing him try (even my 4 year old cousin skates better than him)

rainraingoaway asked: Do you guys ever think you'll get married? (not necessarily to each other, but just in general)

when i was young (like 7?), i had wedding fantasies. weird, i know lol. me and some blonde girl getting married and living a life together. even when i got older, i had husband/wife fantasies. then when i realized i was gay, i thought that all was shot to hell, but the law changed in some places and it was allowed and that gave me hope. i think one day i'll get married (or civil partnership, whatever the fuck they call it)

I never really thought about getting married all that much until high school. The typical wife, two kids, house, great job type of thing. I know I still want to share my life with someone, whether that means marriage or just committing to one another

rainraingoaway asked: What are some of the "rules" in your relationship?

Umm...look but don't touch, when it comes to other people. Sex at least 4 timesa week lol. Talk about everything, no matter what it is and when it is. At least one "date night" a week. Always be home by 1 a.m. if we went out alone.

our major one is talking about everything. say it with me people, COMM-UN-I-CATE. very important. everything fromhow your day went to stuff that's bothering you to what you do and don't like. if you don't talk about things, something is bound to erk you and lead to arguments. which leads me to our next rule: never go to bed angry. always try to solve it by the end of the day. unless of course it leads to some yummy angry sex, then a hearfelt apology (or two), and then some nice sweet make up sex lol
and another one: no matter how rough or wild or whatever the sex is, always have to cuddle and just be close afterwards :)

rainraingoaway asked: What do you guys fight about?

I tend to get a bit *ahem* jealous lol so we argue about that. Matt is just naturally kind of flirty with everyone andI subconciously get protective, so he gets angry, then I get angry. And yeah. But we make up pretty fast. We fight about sex a bit too - usually it's because we're busy and don't have enough and get cranky. We are usually pretty good at talking things through though.

rainraingoaway asked: Has your sex life ever hit a slump?

honestly, no. lol. somehow everytime is a bit different and still extraordinary. we mix things up every now and then- who's on top, positions, time of days, places - so it's always interesting. but as long as we communicate about what we want and how it feels, we do okay lol. ahaha most people find it weird, but we still distiguish between making love, having sex, and fucking :P that way, we know exactly what the other wants

rainraingoaway asked: Are you guys at the same school now/ are you both in college?

we are both at the same college, but not in the same program. we've had two classes together, none this semester though :(

rainraingoaway asked: Is it still Matt bottom, Owen top?

most of the time, yes lol but like i said, we mix it up so sometimes not

rainraingoaway asked: Have either of you ever cheated on eachother?

Never have, never would. He keeps me happy every way possible, so there's no need.

no and most people (including myself) find that surprising considering my manwhorishness :) but there's something about newbies to gay sex: they're always eager to please. and owen's never lost that quality :P so he keeps me happy. and he's unlike anyone i've had before. he's all cuddly and affectionate and adorable afterward and i dont think i could ever give that up

rainraingoaway asked: What's your favourite body part on eachother, non-facial?

non facial? umm... i have to pick just one? lol i like his arms...and chest lol i know that's two but they're my fave

Well since Matt got two, I'm going to pick two, too. I like his hands and his thighs (that sounds so pervy lol)

rainraingoaway asked: Matt, you mentioned that sex with Owen is "different". How so?

fuck, this is going to be a long one lol. umm well first of all, it's not just get in, get off, get out lol. we take our time with eachother before, during and after. there's no rush to just get it over with. and we're careful with eachother - no matter how wild or crazy it is, we always make sure never to push it and hurt eachother. and one thing about owen, he's a very unselfish (is that even a word?) lover - he always makes it good for me and goes along with all my crazy ideas :P. but even beyond that, there's just this connection and love underneath that makes everytime so special and amazing and intense. a lot of the "different" stuff though is before and after. like i said, we take our time with eachother and by now, we know pretty much every thing to drive eachother crazy lol. and after, it's so different for me because i actually get to snuggle up to him and we talk and kiss and be all cute :P and then i get to wake up to him. (sorry that was so long :P)

rainraingoaway asked: What's the most intimate thing you do that isn't sexual?

after a really long frustrating week, owen always does this: we get intoa nice hot bubble bath together, lights off and candles (sillyi know, but i love it) and just relax and talk. it's really sweet (lol i have goosebumps just thinking about it)

rainraingoaway asked: Would you ever have a threesome?

Never. Never, ever, ever lolI wouldn't want to share Matt with anyone and I don't like the thought of being with anyone but Matt

lol can you honestly picture owen sharing me with someone? i dont think so!

rainraingoaway asked: Owen, do you ever regret how your guys' first time was?

Me and Matt talked about this a while back and yeah, I really do. From his past experiences and stuff, I know that it brought up some bad memories and that was the last thing I wanted. When he finally lets his guard down and isn't such a badass lol, he's so sweet and vulnerable and I just felt horrible about it and like I used him or something. I felt even worse afterwards, knowing that he thought all I wanted was a one-time thing. I like to think I've made up for that though

rainraingoaway asked: Who usually "makes the first move"?

lol this is actually a tough one. because i like when owen makes the first move, but he doesnt want to like force me into anything so he doesnt like to make the first move :P. so usually i just start being all flirty and touchy-feely and he gets with the program and takes it from there because he knows i want it

rainraingoaway asked: Any advice about sex for first timers?

lol this is going to be another long one and very hypocritical of me :P first of all, always use acondom and LOTS of lube (especially first timers). i know, you're probably sitting there going "but if it's both our first time, why the condom?" but really, just always use them lol better safe than sorry. here comes the hypocritical part: always be in a relationship and be in love. it makes a difference. don't let anyone talk you into something you don't want to do, make sure you're actually ready. talk about it beforehand. here's the ultimate rule: if you're not ready to talk about it, you're not ready to do it. start the whole relationship slow and make sure you're BOTH okay with everything happening. take it slow and just enjoy all the simple stuff. when it actually comes to the sex part, build up to it. and make sure when you decide to do it, there's like a lot of time and not just when your parents are out of the house for 20 minutes lol. trust me, there's nothing worse than sex then having to get dressed and pretend nothing happened. whoever's topping, go slow because it's likely to hurt like a bitch :) lol make sure you keep communicating all the way through, making sure it's okay. and now that i've got you all worried lol when you're with the right person, it will just go naturally and after any initial pain (for bottoms) it'll get better.
and even if the first time sucks, don't worry because it'll likely get better. okay, im done my rant now :P

kameronXD asked: Howdid Matt feel the first time he saw Owen?

oooh boy, he was smokin! lol i didnt really have that deep of an interest in him then, so that was pretty much it. but i knew, one of these days, i'd get a piece of him

kameronXD asked: Did they ever get to "celebrate" Owen's request?

If you`re referring to Owen`s request in part 53-54, then I can`t tell you yet, it would ruin part of the upcoming story. Sorry!

kameronXD asked: Was there really somthing between Matt and Ethan?

haha no. him and isaac met at some gig we had and they hit it off pretty good, so i was just helping ethan get isaac. because im such a good friend like that :D

hopeless fanatic asked: What were you thinking when the kiss in the school hall occurred?

*tries valiantly to remember when that was... fails... goes and reads the story* ohh! haha, pretty much i was just like sweeeet.kind of really surprising, but it showed that he was serious about us

In the back of my mind, I was really freaking out about what people would think and stuff, but all that really mattered at that instant was Matt and showing him that I wasn't just some one-night stand.

hopeless fanatic asked: Matt, what were you thinking when Owen said he wanted to "make love to you"?

jesus, this story is really accurate, huh? lol literal matt-mind translation at that moment: omg, don't faint, don't die, breathe breathe, don't faint lol. over-reaction much, eh? but the whole like romantic/slow/not get-your-rocks-off-asap thing was totally new to me, so i was really just freeeeeeaking right out. plus, having it be like that made me feel a lot more emotionally vulnerable, which i really wasn't into, so it was kind of difficult to let it happen like that.

hopeless fanatic asked: Matt, how could you afford your apartment?

well, B said I couldn't go into details, but i was really close to someone and they passed away and left me all their money, which was enough to take care of me for a good long time

hopeless fanatic asked: Did Owen ever try that gross sounding pizza?

hmm, now that i think of it...no! *sneaks off to buy some* he he he owen's gunna haaaaate you :P

hopeless fanatic asked: What was the name of the book Owen bought from the drag queen?

*Dies*Oh God lol it's called "Ultimate Gay Sex" by Michael Thomas Ford. Totally not incriminating right? I think I almost died of embarrassment. *Totally won't admit to still owning it* :)

(here's a link for more book information: http://about.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/isbn=9780789496973/nrd=1/found=1/search=Ultimate+Gay+Sex/)

LisseyMarisaBookerasked: How did Matt feel when he put his arm around Owen at the club?

pretty much i was just being all possessive lol subtlety was never owen's strong suit so i knew he was into me and noooo way any other guy was corrupting... i mean...going out with him [:)] before me

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