Cupped Noodles

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How can cupped noodles bring love?

Submitted: February 13, 2008

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Submitted: February 13, 2008




  Michael sighed as he walked up the stairs to his one-room apartment. The path seemed like forever to walk with his tired legs as he inched his body up the two-story floor apartment complex. Today’s work was particularly hard as he has projected. Today’s work was the last day on a long project they have been working on for over a week.


He only longed for his soft bed and just go right to sleep as soon as his head touches the pillow. He doesn’t care if he was just wearing his working clothes. He just wanted to sleep.


“Im home” He said as he opened the door.


“Welcome back.” A girl replied. She was lying face down on his floor, seemingly in pain.


Michael gasped as he rushes to her side to pick her up. From the way she looked, he can tell she was lying there for some time now. “What the heck are you doing?” he demanded.


“Im hungry” May replied.


Michael let out a sigh of relief. “Don’t ever scare me like that. okay?”


“Okay” May replied with a big smile on her face. She was totally different now, she was back to he normal self again.


“Good.” Michael stood up and held out his hand to her to help her get up. Her hand felt warm. She felt light as well. He started worrying for her for some reason. She was not like this when he left earlier this morning. Or maybe, he didn’t notice.

“I want noodles. Those ones” she said while pointing to the cupped noodles on the shelf.


“Okay, just wait over in the table.”


May didn’t listen and went straight to the sofa, taking her chopsticks on the way. She jumped over the barrier that cut the room into the living room and the kitchen and waited patiently for Michael’s cupped noodles.


Michael didn’t mind at all her actions. He tried many times telling her to go to the table. But she never usually follows. She likes eating in the living room.

May started staying with Michael about 2 weeks ago. Michael and May’s first encounter was during the blizzard 2 weeks ago. She was just lying in front of his apartment door, cuddled with only the clothes on her back to protect her from the blistering cold. She almost looked like a corpse. He didn’t think twice of taking her inside and looking after her. If she stayed out there a little longer, she would have died.


Soon after she completely recovered from her cold, Michael started asking where she lived, but she keeps saying she doesn’t live anywhere. Apparently, she was left alone in the cold for some reason. He no longer bothers asking her of her past. He knew all to well what it felt like being left in the cold, helpless, and alone.


“Hurry up” May demanded with a pout.


“Im coming” he replied. He brought the noodles over to the small table near the sofa. He made noodles for both of them as he shrugged of the tired feeling he had before he walked into the apartment.


Michael made his way to the small table where May sat, making sure he doesn’t spill any noodles on the way.


He places the noodles on the table and places his chopsticks on the paper lid of the noodles. May did the same. “Itadakimasu(let us partake on this food)” they exclaimed with their hands together in a form of prayer. And they ate.


May sped through her noodles. While Michael was starting to feel sleepy again.


“You know,” Michael started, “you can make one of these your self. Why don’t you make one before I come home so you wont be hungry.”


May stopped eating for a while, and fell silent. “I dint want to” she said absently.


Michael dismissed it and thought that she was still shy eating alone in his apartment. “Suit your self” he said and put down his chopsticks and pushed his noodles forward to make room for his head. He wanted to sleep. But as soon as he was to lie his head down “What the~”


May grabbed his head and let it rest on her lap. “I don’t mind” she said with a smile.


Michael just stared up to her, her smile was magical. Was she ever this cute? Or I haven’t noticed until now? These words crept up his head. He didn’t mind either, as long as she didn’t. He nudged his head so he faced forward. His heart beats fast. He cant explain what was happening. Her lap felt warm.


They were in that position for some time. “You know” May started, presuming he was asleep, “Even if you wont come home for a hundred years. I will keep waiting Even if I starve to death.”


Those words struck him.  She will do that . . .  for me?  He pondered on what she said and felt the same. His heart started beating faster again. He looked up to see her. But he saw her sleeping, with her beautiful smile still on him. Her peaceful face was the most beautiful he has ever seen in his life. He just stared up to her.


Tomorrow, he’ll treat her to something good. I will buy you the most expensive cupped noodle, he thought.


But he wished tomorrow would never come; he wanted this moment to last forever. “I love you too” he said as he drifted to sleep.



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