My Bedroom

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 15, 2019

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Submitted: February 15, 2019



They are laying rotten and stinking on the floor

Heaps and heaps of torn old dusty socks

The shiny golden knob you gave fell off the door

The sheets now rest like ruffled rubbish bags

Because the bed hasn’t been made in weeks.

The dainty bird every morn’ with her tune mocks

This mess. My clothes are thrown like rags

Oh what a silly teenage girl!

Please help me clean my room.


What? “What’s that smell from the closet?”

“Probably a month-old leftover omelette”

“Those screams?Oh; from a heavy metal cassette.

No; no no no! Do not open that please! It’s wet!”

But You did

And bitterly wept.


Beautiful Red oozed out from the fountain

And smaller creeks left out water as well

How flesh smelled so sweet; I can’t tell

Your voice turns sour; You are in agony

“Why did you do this; do this to my Body?

The filth; the stench, the chaos… easy

Easy to manage. I would’ve cleaned it

Eagerly, sincerely, faithfully, wanting no gain

But why did you hide this deed without a name;

This arctic wolf with sharp teeth and loud growl

That Earth’s most skilled together can’t tame

He’s in your room and howls this dreading howl

What is Murder

What is Death

What is Hatred

Doing in your bedroom closet?”


Your hands are pristine clean and my tongue

Is frozen. Your eyes, your skin, had one hue

The hue of fruitful oily brown of the fertile soil

I dare not speak or once again raise my gaze

To behold the wonderful sight that is



Like a watchman longs for daybreak

I was longing for a clean room

In which the twittering birds can awake

And fight the day roused by the sun’s ray

And from this longing a tear once made way

The fountain of Blood instantly transfigured

The socks; the clothes, the skeleton in my closet

They all in one instant disappeared

Because You had cleaned them in the water

And once again I got to taste You

Your sweet sweet goodness

After You’ve cleaned the Mess

In my bedroom.


Thank you for giving me that



May it never be Night again

Like a watchman longs for daybreak

May I long for You

And the sight of you be my All when I awake.


© Copyright 2019 Ioana. All rights reserved.

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