Garden of Gods

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The girl left her villa seeking for help. The world is devastetad. It´s not how it used to be, full of grace, colors and life. It´s a neverending foggy world. Except for one place. Where she will finally get the so needed help. But before, she must travel to the four corners to colect the pieces she need to awaken him.

The Garden of Gods is an idea for a short animation to be developed during Mastering Maya: Advanced Digital Production course at 3D

Submitted: November 07, 2007

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Submitted: November 07, 2007




The girl walks through a devastated forest. It seems it has been taken by the fire so many time ago. She is seeking. She is tired and hurt. The travel has been so long. There has been three years since she left her village. Three years adventuring throughout the world, searching for an way to fix the world.

The air is dense. It´s foggy. It´s not a different thing since everywhere is foggy. The whole world has been the same for so long. Since they ´re gone. Since mankind send them away. Mankind has done terrible things to the world and to themself.

She can´t see very far, still she walks. She bleeds from her wounds. She have to do things she never dreamed of. Her adventure has been far too risk. But finally it may come to an end. She knows she is in the right direction. She must be...

Some leaves can be seen here and there. She was right. She takes one in her hand. She smiles. The fog is weak now.

The forest start to fade and you can see the green grass ahead. It´s midday and the sun is shinning through some white clouds in the sky. She is marveled with what she sees. The grass is swinging in the wind gently. A drop of tear falls in her face. She enjoys the moment, the heat that comes from the sky.

The girls walks through the planice. The heavy sky is behind her now. The future lies ahead. She start to climb an uphill. In the beginning fast. But she gets tired soon. She´s already tired. But she must continue. After all it´s the end of her journey.

In the top of the hill the girl finds what she´s been looking for. She now knows what to do. She grabs an ancient amulet. She trembles while approaches the structure. She concentrate for a while. The wind appears to be speaking with her. Saying what to do next.

The girl start to pray. She manages to do some gentle movements required for the magic to take effect. The amulet starts to glow as the prayer continues. She closes her eyes and focus all her energy in the words that are leaving her mouth. Her hair swings in the wind first gently, but as soon the prayer starts to take effect the wind involves the girl.
The amulet glows stronger.

A place in the altar starts to glow also. It has the same design of the amulet. The girl knows it´s the time. She softly inputs the amulet in the right place. Light comes from the amulet involving the altar. A flash of light surrounds everything from the altar on. And fades.

Beyond the altar you can see gigantic arms, legs, heads, hands, torsos out of the ground. After some time everything shakes. It stops for a while and them shakes again, stronger. An arm´s hand trembles and stops. After a while it trembles again. The fingers start to open and close, open and close. The arm makes a movement to free itself from the land. The ground shakes again as the body starts to appear. It´s gargantuan. It´s alive.

The girls goes in the creature direction. The creature is weak after so many time, curved. The girl aproaxes the giant with no fear. She is happy. She know it would happen. She know she could do it. She know she had to do it. The giant looks at her and softly lend his hand in the ground. The girl climb his hand. The giant approaches his hand to his face. The girl gets some flowers and get them to the giant. His head approaches his hand. His nose is close enough now. He smells the flowers one time. Energy flows from his lungs. A second time and the energy goes stronger. A third time and his body goes full of energy.

The girl gets some other objects and for each one a new system of the giant is activated. For his heart, the heartbeat would be hear miles away... And for each system activated the giant goes stronger and stronger.

After everything is done. The giant rises his hand and let the girl go to his shoulder. He is awaken now. He has work to do: a world to fix and mankind to take care once more. Finnaly. He starts to walk through the garden. The garden where he find his equals. A cloud pass in front of the sun. The girl smiles to his friend as he makes the way to her world, her villa.

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