I Don't Believe In Heaven

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Submitted: March 04, 2007

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Submitted: March 04, 2007




And open my eyes again
Oh no, I am still here
Alone in their company
Please make me disappear

Laughter and music
But it’s so cold and quiet
Don’t touch me
I am not here
Get up and leave
Cry softly in the corner
Come back again and sing
I’m not pretending
God, I swear…

The candle flames are dancing
Stare at me with your hollow eyes
I nod and smile
I am okay
You don’t believe me?
Honestly, neither do I

Please at least pretend you care
Pretend I’m here
When I’m not really there
Call out
Come find me anywhere
I’m next to you and far away
I will return someday

Stop asking me if I’m okay
You know I’m not
And thing don’t go my way
I’m not sure if I should stay
Or turn around
And run away
We came here together
But I’ll leave on my own
Stay behind with her
She’ll never know the meaning of alone

Even if I wanted to
I don’t think I could tell you
Just turn your back on me
The two of us
Myself and I
We’ll find me where I once got lost
Somewhere where I think you are
Or where someday we were

I’m crying
But I will smile again
Just given time
When I will find you there

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