This poem is about reaching that sense of freedom and serenity. Whether it's moving on from a broken heart or picking yourself after a hard fall in life, that calm feeling you get is the greatest!

Oh, Clarity

You've never been this clear

Oh, Clarity

So this is how it feels to never fear


Oh, Clarity

You've placed me on solid ground

Oh, Clarity

So this is what it's like to never turn around


Oh, Clarity

You've set me up on the highest lift

Oh, Clarity

So this why it's so easy to drift


Oh, Clarity

You've changed my hearts' beat

Oh, Clarity

So this is where I take my seat



You've cured my insanity

Broken down my frailty

And eliminated all cruelty


Oh, Clarity

I have you to thank

You're the reason I can't break!

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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