This poem is the sadistic reality of hearing that final goodbye from the one you love. The effects of are heartbreaking and damaging to our beliefs.

Such a careful, dangerous word

You say it stronger than I've ever heard

It's impact,

Sets my heart in motion.

I react,

And you separate your land from my ocean.


We both know you don't mean it,

So why bother saying it?


Such a scary, comforting shove

You do it better than I ever dreamed of

It's impact,

Sets my body in a haze.

I react,

And you throw on our blaze.


No matter how great we may be,

You have to create a tragedy.


Such a careful, dangerous word

You tell me what I've already heard

For once, could you not lie,

When you say this is goodbye?

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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