Paper Thin

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It is a script about euthanasia. This is a very short play...

Submitted: October 26, 2009

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Submitted: October 26, 2009



(Curtains opened, we see a man sitting on a chair. Looked sad, depressed and dismay)
(We hear a song being played)
Prisoner: He was already an old and weak man. It was not my fault that he died. He requested it; I was just merely following his orders. (Pause) What if, what if I didn’t follow his orders, would it made any difference? Would he have lived longer? But still- - - still, I just did what I felt was right…
(Lights dim)
(Music stop)
(Lights focus to the patient)
Patient: (Lying in bed in great pain and suffering) Doctor (cough), doctor please, please help me!
Doctor: We are doing all we can sir to cure you.
Patient: I need more than that. I need more than medicine. I need, I need something…
Doctor: But sir we are giving the best we can sir, to cure you
Patient: I need more than that. I need something
Doctor: Something like what?
Patient: Something that can end this pain and suffering that I am feeling right now.
Doctor: Sir, there is nothing else we can give you. We can only ask for a miracle right now.
Patient: Doctor Please! I’m begging you. Please end this suffering that I’m feeling right now!
Doctor: (thinking twice to answer) There- - - there is something that can help you end the pain
and suffering that you are feeling right now but- - - but it is not written in our code of
Patient: Whatever it is doctor I agree to it
Doctor: Even if it will end your life?
Patient: Whatever it takes to end this suffering
Doctor: As you wish
(Characters Freezes)
(Prisoner Enter)
Prisoner: I was only trying to help him. Is it a crime to help someone? I know how hard he had
suffered and I- - I know that I’ve helped him end it.
(Lights dim)
(Court room)
Judge: Jury have you reached a verdict.
Jury1: Yes your honor, we have. We find the defendant guilty as charged
(Heard a hammer being pounded)
(Lights dim)
Prisoner: I am certainly not ascribing to the defenders of euthanasia or assisted dying any
motive but the desire to spare people unnecessary suffering.
(Close curtains)

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