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It's a bit about schizophrenia, but don't let that ruin it for you.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012




I opened my eyes to find myself walking down a dark miserable path, so encompassed with trees a single shred of light was not able to pass through the low forest canopy. Sounds of the past echoed everywhere. Some of these sounds helped me remember who i was, where i had been and most importantly where i was going. Then i heard a noise that did not trigger any thoughts other then the sheer feeling of wanting to forget. It was him; ringing, scratching and screaming all throughout my head, not letting a single insecurity go un-dissected.

I awakened from this horrible nightmare to find myself alone in the park, still night i could not remember how i ended up there. I knew where i was for this was not the first time it had happened. I walked in reality all the way back to my house, though the odd thing was there was no moon that evening. Remembering there was one before i closed my eyes. During that walk home blood began dripping down my finger tips. I hardly noticed it at first until i had left a long crimson river to where i originally laid. The blood was not mine, but that of many others, at least it had to be because there was so much of it.

Approaching the subway line, i walked into the underground terminal only to find a man and a woman talking lovingly amongst each other, in-spite of the gloomy atmosphere of the decrepit subway. Suddenly, with a beautiful glossy smile she pushed the man with long brown hair into an oncoming train. Not being able to say a word or change my pace to enter the train i watched the man disappear into the ebony abyss below, falling with tears in his eyes and happiness upon his lips.

The cars were all gone and the once occupied urban streets were now a sea of black for me to walk extravagantly upon. Feeling like part of me was left in that train station i kept walking without hesitation though now a river practically poured down upon my face. The tears soothing the rage that seemed to warm my skin for reasons i could not of guessed why. Through admiring the city-scape i saw the same man from earlier walking along the sidewalk of what momentarily looked as if a stampede of people were bustling to somewhere that would inevitably get them nowhere. Walking with the same woman, holding her hand and looking passionate as lovers tend to, though something was not right with the man. His lips curled with such joy he looked as if he was going to burst at his seems, but his chest under the white designer button down he bore so proudly was stained with the same crimson river i had poured down from my finger tips not a few hours prior. The man’s heart was missing.

The slow and tedious beats of my heart grew farther apart, each pound growing more painful as they continued. When the lovers left my gaze the pounding nearly stopped for all too long, eventually continuing with it’s long and drawn out measures. The pain of seeing what could have been was far too much. Gripping at my own chest, only to discover there was nothing to grip. My crimson treasure was missing and my heart already gone. Discovering my blood was the cause of the river i had left. The sounds of the steady beats were just more memories better left at the path without life. 

Upon reaching the apartment i had left for so long ago, i stumbled into the long corridors looking for the one room i needed most. Tripping over myself and the most menial of things i found my bed, though with the lovers already taken up comfort amidst the sheets. I saw him once again for the final time, my chest now whole with her hand over it. Guarding her treasure close because she had already lost it all to much before. Seeing this i dared not say a word, but i kept her hand and prepare for the dangers that could occur. Closing my eyes without regret, i held my love close because with her i could never forget.

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