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It tells about the kind of heartbreak when loving someone.

Submitted: October 27, 2015

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Submitted: October 27, 2015



I still remember the time when I first had my heart broken. I fell in love to a person whom I thought will be there for me and who’s going to stay for long. But time goes by, there are a lot of things that’s going on and you can never tell what will happen next and you don’t know what will the future brings.

I gave my heart to someone, knowing that person will take care of it. I trusted him because I’m confident he will. But then, I was wrong. I gave everything. My love, my time, my effort and all the best that I could just to keep what we had. A relationship, I thought will be mine for a lifetime.

I was down, I was hurt, I was crashed, I was torn into pieces, and I was totally broken. I never knew that I would feel it. It seems like I was shut down. I could not trust my heart to anyone anymore. They’re just going to break it. That’s always on my mind.

I became numbed, and yes, I did because not just once, twice or thrice but more than that, I was broken and hurt. I could no longer feel anything. I could no longer give my heart to someone or anyone and allow it to be broken again. It was an experienced, a learned, experienced of heart breaks from those different persons that I used to love.

But then, time will come mended heart will heal, but it leaves you some scars. Despite everything that you’ve been through, I know someone will prove it to you that no matter how scared you are to fall in love again, you’ll still smile and make your heart beats fast to that one person who will mean the world to you. 

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