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The past, present, and future verses the mind and body. Which wins? That can be determined by the seeker. However here is a way for those who wish to find out, without thinking to hard with themselves. Pay attention, and you will have answer by the end of this story.

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



There are many unusual, interesting stories out there for us humans to use in order to protect us from social boredom. However, there is one particular scripture in which everyone can, or in some way relate to.This specific bold topic can turn minutes into hours, and spark social blowouts anytime and anywhere.

\"Do we have a future self living our future before us here on earth?\" Although the answer most would give is a straight no, however the points of possibility can maybe disprove that. As a matter of fact, no is incorrect, unless proven. This applies for those who believe it as well. Let's look at the possibilities.

It takes more than thinking to obtain accurate results, so we are going to have to use specific techniques to enhance the minds performance, and to gain a better insight on the topic. That type of goal can be achieved by the simple thought, and surpassing the extremely difficult task of overthinking.

Everyone, at some point in time has experienced flashbacks that they cant remember, or been in situations they swore themselves to be a part of. This is known as Deja Vu, and is common amongst the mind. In depth, the mind and your sub conscious have a reunion in which the sub conscious details a memory, from the future, and relays it to your mind. Every single human, when in this situation, give 100% of their attention to that memory they believe they have witnessed. They become glued to it by pointing out to themselves, the details using the 5 senses, smell, taste, sight, sound, and feeling.

Every human at this point, would point out events a few moments before they actually happen. This is done to prove to themselves that they have been there however ignoring the fact that if they remember something they haven't done yet, then they have been there before which means they were alive at that place and at that time in the future.

A very select few of people believe themselves to have a future self living their life ahead of them, and that their deja vu is a result of the connection of the mind between them. I can be true, or maybe not but we have to look at it in an aspect of how. Only then can we make an accurate conclusion.

Think back on all the times you had deja vu. You sworn you were there and you remember every detail of it except one thing everyone in deja vu forgets. The time and date. \"By the time we get to that point, we come to our senses and that question remains unanswered.

The future self has lived it thus providing you with the memory, however at the time your future self experienced it, you werent even alive at that time yet. How can you live in tomorrow, if it isn't tomorrow yet?

The answer as to how the present self remembers these events, can lie within the mind that we all (even future selves) share. The trick, however difficult, is to predict where your future self will be at a specific time, and thats impossible. However, there is one other alternative.

If we cant predict where our future self will be, lets force them in a specific place. Once we acquire the time gap between the present and the future, we can begin the process and learn the truth.

For example: The date is April 3, 1995. You tell yourself that in four days exactly, on April 7, 1995, you will sit in a blue chair in your basement, in the corner of the wall. Now since the sudden desire of wanting to sit in a blue chair on the corner of your basement four days later arose, it is now your future (if you follow through with it). Do exactly that and if you experience a detailed deja vu, then you proved to yourself that your future self lives your life 4 days ahead of you. This is because 4 days prior, you suddenly changed the course of your life thus surprising creating a new future.Note this may not take 4 days to do. It could be a lot more or even less. Just remember when you said you would do something as opposed to when you experience deja vu in regards to that specific event. Then from there, do the math.

As ironic as this may sound, it is now safe to tell you that you still will not catch your future self. You just tricked it into discovering the time gap, but you can run into your past self and this is how.

You know you are 4 days ahead of yourself, thus anything you do, or past self will do four days later. You cant tell your future self to come to you so you are going to go to your past willingly.

Tell yourself again that in another 4 days, you will sit in that exact same chair in the exact same spot. Now your past self has that in his timeline snd your future self already ececuted. Now, when that four days is up, simply sit in the same spot but in a totally different chair that isnt blue. You told your future self a blue chair, you sat in a different one. As a result, you did not experience deja vu. This shows that you do live ahead of yourself!

You took complete control of deja vu and countered it to work from the present to the past. If you ever had a moment where someone brought up a memory from the past, and you werent a part of it, but they swear you were in it? You tricked your future! Although the future lives your life first, the present is always in control..

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