Scholarship Obstacles

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A girl want go get a scholarship,but between the arguments of her parents and her best friend & boyfriend get her in more drama. It make her grades drop a lot. So she have to study and leave all the drama behind. At the end she find her future boyfriend and he help her to get here grades up and she get what she want and more.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012





Its Monday morning at 7:52 a. m It’s a beautiful day with blue white clouds, a big yellowish red sun, the breeze is warm like a awesome day at the beach. My best friend Mia and I were walking towards school to get ready to obtain the biggest achievement yet, a scholarship

“Oh My God  Jenny!! “Am so exciting to get that scholarship!”
“I know right !! ! I work so hard for it! nothing gonna stop me now “
Later that day Mia and I were walking on the hall ways when a bunch of screaming girls cough our attention.
“Mia do u know what the hell happen?”  “It look like they kill someone hahaha!
“I don’t know lets check”

we were toward the crew of girls to find the cutes boy standing right there. It looked like an angel coming from above.

“He is so cute Jenny!” I wouldn’t mind merry him!”
“I guess.. Come on Mia let’s go home..”
On Tuesday morning the weather didn’t change much, mi goals either. The scholarship still on mi mind!! In math class Ms. Lizzy start tripping...ugh..
“Jenny!. You gonna give Anthony a tour of our school. okay.?”
“What miss!!?? Why me!? can u ask someone els??”
“Its gonna benefit you..for your scholarship.”
“hmm okay miss i guess..”
“Oh my god Jenny you so lucky!!” ( its always her)..

On Tuesday afternoon, mi scholarship was on my mind, but Anthony was my primary thing..but  i don’t want no one to know..So me and Anthony was walking around the school..when..

“Hey Jenny..Umm..Would you maybe..”
“Yeah Anthony..”
“Maybe would want to go really pretty”.
“ Awww yes Anthony!”
“But shhh don’t tell no one baby!”
“ Umm okay..”

So on the end of the day my status went from single to in a relationship! but some girl comment saying

“I wont go out with him if i was you..he gonna bring you problems..”

“Yo who is this?? stop hating please.”

On Wednesday  we didn’t have school so i was gonna enjoy my day with mi best gonna be a good day!!

“Yo guess what !! Anthony is my boyfriend Mia”
“No! (mad) you can’t do that to me! you know i like him!”
“No hes mine now..”
“Whatever we ain’t friends anymore i see how you are now..”

I thought my day can get any worst but then these happen..I feel like am in my own hell.

“Get out of the house Juan!!!!!!!!!!  “you ruin everything..”
“whatever i don’t care.. I knew i shouldn’t have merry you”

My mother was left behind crying, and my father that night left the house.

So i went to my boy friend house because i need someone to talk to but.. I just sow my boyfriend and Mia kissing.
“It’s over Anthony”
“No baby! its not how it look”
“Its over Anthony, bye”
Anthony was fallowing Jenny , but Jenny didn’t wait for him and left.

I regret going over his house so i just go home to find my progress paper and I see i got mostly all C’s..

“How can these happen!!?? “ I hate my life!”

After a few hours of crying and thinking i decide why should i be crying and get the worst when I know i can get the best..

“Tomorrow am gonna start trying hard again!” “And forget about everything!”

It was Thursday in the morning and I decide my hardest so i can get my grades up again!

So one of my friend Raul helped mi through the time i didn’t understand things..So for a whole week i keep on trying and trying and forgetting the drama..The last day that grades go in i got mi report card i was happy to know that i got all my grades up again

“ Yay!! i got straight A’s!”
“I know you could do it Jenny!”
“I got it because of you Raul!”

So one day me and Raul became close friends and we end up going out..right before the graduation where they gonna announce the people who got scholarships. I was happy to know that one of those few people my name was involve!! And my parent solve their problems and know they happy together like me and Raul!<3


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