The Tale of the Western Zodiac

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This is the tale of how the western zodiac came to be. It tells of how the people from the East, the people of science, met the people from the West, the people of magic, in a young land. The people of science learned of their way of fortune telling and made it their own, but some people are against this and the people of science are punished.

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



The Tale of the Western Zodiac

As told by: Iris Silverson


A long time ago, back when the land was still young, people came from across the waters to the East, from the land of science. They came to this land and found valuable resources on the western side of the land. There they met people from a land across the waters to the West, a land of magic.

Now the people from the land of magic had a system of telling a person’s fortune based on their birth year. The people of science found this fortune telling a perfect topic for conversation at the many parties and balls they hosted, and wanted to take it for themselves. There was one problem though; the people of magic compared themselves to animals. The people of science were disgusted with the idea of likening themselves to the inferior animals of the dust.

But, they remembered that their ancestors were great astronomers and had always watched the Celestial Beings in the night sky. The people of science were delighted with the idea of affiliating themselves with the very Beings of heaven. They looked at their star charts and noticed that 12 Beings cycled the Earth in perfectly alignment each year.

The first was Aries, the Ram, strong and expressive.

The Second was Taurus, the Bull, enduring and affectionate.

The Third was Gemini, the Twins, curious and clever.

The fourth was Cancer, the Crab, emotional and motherly.

The fifth was Leo, the Lion, prideful and stubborn.

The Sixth was Virgo, the Virgin, adaptable and praiseful.

The Seventh was Libra, the Scales, charming and unselfish.

The eighth was Scorpio, the Scorpion, feminine and instinctive.

The ninth was Sagittarius, the Archer, restless and independent.

The tenth was Capricorn, the Sea-Goat, structured and goal oriented.

The Eleventh was Aquarius, the Water Bringer, strong and attractive.

And finally, the twelfth was Pisces, the Fish, gentle and friendly.

The people of science were overjoyed. They now saw themselves as equal to the heavenly Beings. But the Lord of the Heavens was outraged with their egotistical nature. “How dare they even think to compare themselves with us!” the heavenly lord roared.

The Lord of the Heavens, unlike the rest of the Celestial Beings, was able to travel from the heavens to Earth whenever he pleased. So one day, at high noon, he came down to the Earth. Now, the Lord of the Heavens is not a Celestial Being of human form, no, he was Drago, the Dragon of Heaven. His very body was the reflection of the night sky, so grandiose that he could not land on the ground without encircling the very Earth.

He flew in the air above the land and said “You have dared to compare yourselves with the Celestial Beings and therefore you must be punished. If you are so interested with the telling of fortunes then by all means they shall be told. But be warned, for you have angered the heavens, so do not think you will have good fortunes. Your Celestial Being shall be your judge; they will watch over you and command your life. Only a few will have favor among them. This shall be your punishment.” And with his final words he flew into the sky, back to his throne.

This struck fear into the people’s hearts, but not for long. The world was changing, moving into the age of enlightenment and technology. Magic was lost but the fortune telling remained. People still participate in this trivial activity of learning their futures, and the fact that the Celestial Beings controlled them was forgotten. But some still know and those are the few the Dragon of Heaven was talking about. Those few who will have good fortunes rain upon their lives and a future worth look forward to.



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